Jennifer Thorne Amann
Buildings Program Director
Brendon Baatz
Senior Research Manager
Tyler Bailey
Research Analyst, Local Policy
Jim Barrett
Chief Economist
Hannah Bastian
Research Assistant, Buildings Program
Naomi Baum
Chief Operating Officer
Weston Berg
Research Analyst, State Policy
Maxine Chikumbo
Associate, Communications Program
Anna Chittum
Visiting Fellow, Industry
Thomas Cox
Finance Director
Andrew deLaski
Executive Director, Appliance Standards Awareness...
Ronald Denson Jr.
Analyst, Public Health
Marianne DiMascio
Outreach Director, Appliance Standards Awareness...
Ariel Drehobl
Research Analyst, Local Policy
Julie Edwards
Operations Director
R. Neal Elliott
Senior Director for Research
Annie Gilleo
Senior Manager, State Policy
Chris Granda
Senior Researcher/Advocate
Elizabeth Hale
Development Director
Sara Hayes
Senior Manager and Researcher, Air and Climate...
Charlie Herron
Executive and Conferences Associate
Abdul Hadi Ibrahimi
System Administrator
Kathryn Inkellis
Senior Finance Associate
Geneva Jones
Administrative Associate
Eric Junga
Research Analyst, Industry and Transportation
Meegan Kelly
Senior Research Analyst, Industry Program
Siddiq Khan
Senior Researcher
Patrick Kiker
Communications Manager
Jennifer King
Senior Research Analyst, Buildings
Wendy Koch
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
Cassandra Kubes
Senior Research Analyst, Environmental Policy
Therese Langer
Transportation Program Director
Rebecca Lunetta
Conferences Director
Joanna Mauer
Technical Advocacy Manager, Appliance Standards...
Maggie Molina
Senior Director of Policy
Steven Nadel
Executive Director
Seth Nowak
Senior Analyst
Jocelyn Perkins
Accounting Associate
Christopher Perry
Senior Analyst, Buildings Program
Lynn Pyle
Conferences Manager
Grace Relf
Research Analyst, Energy Policy
David Ribeiro
Senior Researcher
Ethan Rogers
Program Director, Industry
Lauren Ross
Senior Manager, Local Policy
Stefen Samarripas
Research Analyst, Local Policy
Justine Seas
Conferences Associate
Mary Shoemaker
State Policy Analyst
Brian Stickles
Research Analyst, Finance Policy
Reuven Sussman
Manager, Behavior Program
Lowell Ungar
Senior Policy Advisor
Shruti Vaidyanathan
Senior Advisor for Research
Suzanne Watson
Ally Program Lead
Dan York
Utilities, State, and Local Policy Program Fellow
Nathan Yuan
Database Coordinator