Economic & Finance Policy Program

ACEEE’s Economic & Finance Policy Program seeks to improve and refine the knowledge and understanding of policymakers and practitioners regarding the economic and social aspects of energy consumption, production, efficiency, and conservation in order to accelerate our nation's transition to an energy-efficient and low-carbon economy.

Our program's work addresses a variety of subjects, including:

  • Economic modeling of energy-efficiency policy initiatives.  We have an in-house input-output model we use to examine the macroeconomic and employment effects of policies and also work with other modelers.
  • The role of efficiency in helping to create and sustain economic growth and competitiveness.
  • The size of the energy-efficiency industry in the U.S.
  • Long-term energy efficiency opportunities, including those made possible by new and emerging information technologies.  We have prepared several studies on information technologies and are now working on a series of scenarios to help estimate energy efficiency opportunities out to 2050.

The urgency of this work is underscored by the reality that today's energy and climate policies will shape our access to energy, our livelihoods, and the quality of the natural environment in profound ways for decades to come.

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Economic & Finance Policy Program Staff

Visiting Fellow
Senior Research Analyst, Finance Policy