Utilities Program

Utility-sector energy efficiency programs save electricity and natural gas at less than half the cost of new energy supplies. Energy efficiency must become the “first fuel” of our utility systems.

The ACEEE Utilities Program helps utilities, regulators, state and federal leaders, and other organizations identify energy efficiency opportunities and design state-of-the-art policies and programs suitable for today's diverse utility industry.

We provide high-quality program and policy research; active dissemination of research results; timely analyses of emerging issues; and highly credible policy and program design assistance from an independent source.

ACEEE takes a particular interest in policies and programs that treat energy efficiency as a true utility resource. Over two decades of experience demonstrate clearly how such an approach yields real resource value and provides significant economic and environmental benefits.

We also support the strategy of “market transformation” — achieving fundamental changes in markets that increase the sales and application of energy efficiency products and services. 

Most recently, we have put emphasis on providing technical assistance to states that are newly establishing significant utility sector energy efficiency policies. We have also conducted pioneering research on a number of critical issues within the utility sector, including:

We have established and lead a biennial National Conference on “Energy Efficiency as a Resource”; the sixth will be held in 2011. These conferences bring together utility industry and public-sector leaders to develop approaches and ideas that can achieve even greater impacts and benefits.

Utilities Program Staff

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