Looking Back at Conferences Completed

Rising to New Challenges: ACEEE's 5th National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource Draws Record Audience to Chicago

Energy efficiency is forging ahead into new frontiers as a resource to meet an expanded roster of critical economic and environmental goals. This was one of several key themes addressed at ACEEE's 5th National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource, which brought together a record number of national and international experts on energy efficiency policies and programs to examine a variety of leading-edge issues in reaping the full benefits possible through greater energy efficiency. The event, held September 27-29 in Chicago, offered participants a rich menu of conferece sessions, from reports on leading and "quick start" states to new approaches and technologies to achieve high savings goals. ACEEE chose to hold this conference in the Midwest for the first time to highlight and showcase rapid progress in this region using energy efficiency as a significant utility resource. The full set of conference presentations are online.

2009 "Industry" Summer Study Reflections: Record Attendance Despite Troubling Times

ACEEE returned to western New York State, the site of the first industrial conference in 1995, for the 2009 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry held July 28-31 at the Niagara Conference Center in Niagara Falls. The conference attracted many new faces among a record attendance of 262 since just 50 of the 2007 attendees were able to participate this year. The theme of the opening plenary, "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Energy-Efficient Companies,"  set the tone, reflecting the sense of the attendees that there are significant changes on the horizon for manufacturing. Climate change and global economic crises offer both a sense of opportunity and some fear that manufacturing firms may not be adequately involved in the conversation.

Dana Levy, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and Rayond Monroe, Steel Founders' Society of America served as conference co-chairs. Summer Study plenary presentations, conference "reflections," and presentations by the 2009 Champions of Energy Efficiency are all available on the conference Web site. NYSERDA was our host sponsor as they have been since the 1995 Summer Study, and NYSERDA President and CEO Frank Murray was on hand to give a warm welcome to participants.


Co-Chair Dany Levy, NYSERDA









Co-Chair Raymond Monroe, Steel Founders' Society of America


A highlight of the Summer Study was ACEEE's announcement of the three winners of our Champions of Energy Efficiency in Industry who all made presentations. The 2009 Champions are:


Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation for leadership in building government – industry partnerships to promote energy efficiency in manufacturing. (Visit the CIPEC Web site.)

Tom Casten for career-long leadership in the energy efficiency field, and innovation in promoting the recovery of wasted industrial energy. (Visit the Recycled Energy Development Web site.)  

Neal Elliott and Tom Casten

American Iron and Steel Institute for leadership in energy efficiency research in manufacturing and support for sustainable energy policies in manufacturing.  

Neal Elliott and Larry Kavanaugh

Thanks to sponsorship by NYSERDA and ICF International, three Student Scholarships were awarded. Tim Perrin, NY Institute of Technology, Barry Liner, Geroge Mason University, and Tony Simon, University of Washington competed against dozens of other great applicants to secure the 2009 scholarship awards. Congratulations! We look forward to their participation in the 2011 Summer Study and beyond!    

Scholarship Winners Tim Perrin and Tony Simon