Light Duty Fuel Economy

Press Release | June 5, 2007

ACEEE "Rates the States" in the New Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Washington, D.C. — The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) today released a comprehensive ranking of state-level energy efficiency policies. The State Energy Efficiency Scorecard for 2006 graded each state and the District of Columbia on actions they have taken in the race to adopt energy efficiency policies, programs, and technologies.

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Blog Post | March 28, 2007

Congress Takes a New Look at Efficiency

With new leadership in both houses for the first time in 12 years, members and committees have been actively exploring new energy policy ideas, including many on energy efficiency. A few highlights from the first three months:

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Press Release | January 24, 2007

President Short-Sells the First Fuel in the Race for Energy Security

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) issued a critical assessment of the President's State of the Union "Twenty in Ten" proposal for increasing America's energy security, finding it needlessly weak on fuel economy and over-dependent on ill-defined alternative fuel sources.

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Blog Post | January 7, 2007

CAFE Percolating Again

Prospects for substantially higher vehicle fuel economy standards are looking up, thanks in part to the White House. President Bush’s State of the Union proposal to reduce gasoline consumption twenty percent by 2017 was met with skepticism by many due to its heavy reliance on unspecified “alternative” fuels.

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Blog Post | January 1, 2007

Attribute-Based CAFE Standards: A Primer

 Several current legislative proposals for increasing car and light truck fuel economy requirements call for changing the structure of the policy to one based on "vehicle attributes." What exactly does that mean?

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Blog Post | January 1, 2007

Advanced Technology Showroom

Welcome to ACEEE's Advanced Technology Showroom. On this page you'll find writeups of some of the exciting energy-efficient and eco-friendly vehicle technologies being implemented on today's passenger cars and trucks, as well as advances in technologies just over the horizon. Content in the Advanced Technology Showroom will periodically change, so feel free to check back and enjoy future writeups.

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Blog Post | May 24, 2006

Federal Energy Legislation: Gas Prices Drive Up the Rhetoric

With gasoline prices hovering around $3 per gallon, and the prices of many other energy sources high as well, dozens of bills have recently been introduced in Congress to address our continuing energy problems. However, most of these bills are "message bills" designed to send a message back home rather than serious attempts to pass legislation.

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Press Release | May 2, 2006

Back Off Oil Demand to Bring Down Gasoline Prices

Washington, D.C. — Criticizing recent proposals to reduce gasoline prices as too weak and one-sided, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) today called on government and business leaders to launch a vigorous public awareness and policy effort aimed at cutting pump prices by easing America's gasoline consumption.

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Press Release | March 29, 2006

Bush Fuel Economy Standard Extends America's Oil Addiction

Washington, D.C. — Changes announced today to the corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) regulations for light duty trucks fall far short of the oil-addiction recovery goal set by President Bush in his State of the Union address, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

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