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Renewable Energy

Blog | January 19, 2016

Want to weigh your state’s Clean Power Plan compliance options? Check out our new SUPR 2 calculator

In October 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its Clean Power Plan (CPP) final rule, regulating greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. Now that the final rule has been released, policymakers, state governments, utility and power plant owners, and other stakeholders are weighing their options to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) from the power sector for compliance with the rule.

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Blog | March 19, 2013

This Energy Efficiency Summer School Will Inspire the Next Generation of EE Researchers and Practitioners

In addition to his work at RASEI, Paul Komar is a lecturer in the environmental studies program at the University of Colorado Boulder.

As the energy efficiency field grows, the demand for talented and well-trained energy efficiency professionals keeps climbing. Where will these folks come from? Will they have the right skills and knowledge? Will they continue and accelerate the progress we've made in increasing energy efficiency?

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Press Release | December 8, 2010

Special ACEEE 30th Anniversary Awards Celebrate Visionaries and Leaders

14 Awards Presented to Those Who Advance Energy Efficiency

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Blog | February 25, 2009

On the Horizon: PA and OH Energy Efficiency Studies, MI's Bold Steps, and New State Network E-Newsletter

ACEEE is set to release two timely reports on the potential for energy efficiency in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The current state of the economy has crippled many states' budgets, making it difficult for them to cope with increasing unemployment and falling tax revenues. But while darkness looms over the financial sector, the sun is rising on energy efficiency. Energy efficiency can exert a positive force in states' economies by creating new "green collar" jobs while providing relief for consumers faced with rising energy costs.

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Press Release | February 4, 2009

Michigan's Governor Announces Sweeping New Clean Energy Proposal

Washington, D.C. — The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) would like to commend Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm for the bold "clean energy" proposal she announced yesterday at her State-of-the-State address in Lansing (see http://www.michigan.gov/documents/gov/SOS2009_265915_7.pdf).  

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Press Release | December 5, 2007

Renewable Electricity Standard Good News for Economy Energy Consumers and Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Washington, D.C. — A new comprehensive analysis of the Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) in the pending House and Senate energy legislation shows that, if adopted, the RES would cut consumer energy bills and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as well as stimulate job growth.

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