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How do I find high-efficiency models of a particular appliance?

First, review our material on what to look for in a new appliance. Then, go to one of the following resources to find which products meet these guidelines.

For Home Appliances, including kitchen and laundry, room A/C and electronics, consult the ENERGY STAR qualified product listings. Click on the product you're looking for, then look for "product list" at the right-hand side of the Web page. For "2nd Tier" products that are even more efficient than ENERGY STAR, look at the the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) qualifying product lists for clothes washers and dishwashers.

For Furnaces, Boilers and Water Heaters, consult ENERGY STAR (not for water heaters) as described above or go to AHRI's certified product directories. Each link provides information about how to determine the right product for your needs followed by a list of high-efficiency model numbers.

For Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, search the CEE Directory of ARI Verified Equipment. You can limit your search by selecting higher "tiers" of efficiency under "CEE Tier" and selecting the proper size (cooling capacity) for your home if you know it.


ACEEE's product listings

Many people are referred to ACEEE's "efficiency ratings" to cross-check products they have found on Consumer Reports or elsewhere. It is a misconception that ACEEE rates products, however in the past ACEEE has provided lists of products that represent a "cream of the crop" in terms of manufacturer-rated energy-efficiency levels, for both ENERGY STAR and non-ENERGY STAR products. These lists have been discontinued for the time being, but if you would like to find out how a specific appliance model stacks up against others in terms of energy use, look for it in one of the regularly updated listings described above. For heating, cooling and water heating equipment, it is far more important to find a contractor who specializes in installing high-efficiency systems.