What Others Are Saying About the Consumer Guide

"The Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings" suffers from a modest title...the guide reveals how to buy and operate just about everything in your house that's connected to an electric or gas meter." — Today's Homeowner

"One of the best resources for homeowners that we've ever seen." — Anne Ducey, Conservation Marketing Coordinator, Seattle City Light

"Face it, most of us don't have the inclination—or the time—to become experts...about energy efficiency and its impact on the environment. But whether we're sealing a drafty doorway, remodeling a bathroom or shopping among rows of gleaming new refrigerators, we know our actions have an impact-on the planet, as well as on our pocketbook. This book offers practical advice that will help you make smart decisions about how you build or buy.
Not a textbook in volume or style, this paperback makes for handy toting-perhaps for perusing during your energy-efficient commute on BART or Muni." — Beth Bourland, The San Francisco Chronicle

"It tells you which appliances you can replace for the biggest energy savings...in words anyone can comprehend in real sentences and nice, neat diagrams." — Coastal Maine News

" A comprehensive reference guide (in plain English, no less) for homeowners who've chosen to wade through the sometimes murky waters of buying green, and money-saving, home improvement products." — The Flint Journal

"Not only does the Guide rate all the brands of major home appliances and fixtures for energy efficiency, it also shows how to insulate, landscape and maintain your home in the manner that will make your wallet and your planet greener." — E Magazine

"This compact little book is full of tips on saving energy in light of costs to both you and the planet. And speaking of energy, an evening spent examining this book before you decide which major appliance to buy is a productive and efficient use of yours." — Small Home Designs

"If you own one book on saving energy at home, this should be it." — Iris Communications

"An indispensable handbook for consumers who want to reduce their home energy use." — The Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices

"The most comprehensive guide to saving money and the environment available today." — Diane MacEachern, Tips for Planet Earth (syndicated column)

"Full of brand name evaluations to help a homeowner make more knowledgeable purchases..." — The New York Times

"A comprehensive, easy-to-use resource..." — Science News

"...could be used as a model for government information campaigns-it's an excellent, easy-to-read summary." — Global Environmental Change Report

"Besides up-to-date comparisons of the latest HVAC systems and appliances, the guide includes an assortment of energy-saving tips." — Fine Homebuilding

"...comprehensive, easy-to-read prose...clear, accurate, and well-illustrated..." — NESEA's Northeast Sun

"Whatever your question is about home energy use, this book can almost surely answer it." — Co-op Currents

"...an unparalleled reference..." — SunWorld (International Solar Energy Society)

"With many diagrams, this is a readable, affordable guide...buy it!" — Library Journal

"To help maximize energy and dollar savings in your home, check out the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings....The guide is full of tips, diagrams, charts, explanations and lists on almost every facet of home life that involves energy use: insulation, windows, heating and cooling systems, food storage, cooking, dishwashing, laundry, lighting and much more. By purchasing energy-efficient appliances, you can slash your energy bills and make a positive impact on national security, the economy and the environment." — Mother Earth News' Guide to Homes

"Must reading for homeowners in the market for new appliances...contains a wealth of information on how to make the appliances you own now work more efficiently. The advice here will also save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs." — Better Homes and Gardens

"Don't furnish your home until you've consulted [the Consumer Guide]. It's a must-have resource." — Metropolitan Home

"There are a number of sources of information about the energy efficiency of furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and air conditioners...perhaps the most useful to the typical consumer is the
[Consumer Guide] published by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy." — Kansas Country Living

"You can save a lot of legwork by consulting [this book]...chock-full of tips on energy considerations of each category of appliances, as well as energy efficient tips for home renovators." — The Green Consumer Letter

"...a clearly-written, well-illustrated guide to insulation, air sealing techniques, heating and cooling systems, and energy-efficient lighting and appliances." — The Journal of Light Construction

"This book could have easily been titled The Encyclopedia of Home Energy Savings. It's the most comprehensive resource to home energy savings that I've seen. Every homeowner and environmentally conscious (or utility paying) renter should have a copy." — Green Living