Volume 1 - Industrial Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Fiber Recovery from Waste Paper: A Breakthrough in Re-Pulping Technology

Jerry Aue, Energy Center of Wisconsin; Keith Picard, Fiber Recycling Technologies, Inc.; Kevin Grabner, Energy Center of Wisconsin; Alan Button, Buttonwood Consulting, LLC

U.S. Aluminum Production Energy Requirements: Historical Perspective, Theoretical Limits, and New Opportunities

William T. Choate, BCS, Incorporated; John A. S. Green, Consultant

Modeling Industrial Behavior and Feedback Between Energy and Material Flows and Capital Vintage: Implications for Material, Energy and Climate Change Policy Design

Brynhildur Davidsdottir, Boston University

Programs for Integrated Industrial Audits: The Audit Process and Case Studies for the NSTAR Eco-Efficiency Program and the NGRID ISOS Program

Gary Epstein, Mark D.Antonio, Satyen Moray, Yogesh Patil, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc.; Ed McGlynn, Nstar Electric; Tom Coughlin, National Grid USA

A Technical Framework for Industrial Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Developing Countries

Mark Howells, University of Cape Town, Energy Research Institute; John A. Skip. Laitner, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, OAP

State of California Economic Analysis of Sustainable Building: Phase I

Greg Kats, Capital E; Amanda Eichel, Arnie Sowell, California State and Consumer Services Agency

Transition towards Sustainable Production: Policy Planning for a Systems Change

Bianca Oudshoff, Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands; Frank Klinckenberg, Klinckenberg Consultants

A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) for Setting Energy-Efficiency Standards in Brazil: The Case of Residential Refrigerators

Guilherme de C. Queiroz, International Energy Initiative; Gilberto De M. Jannuzzi, Department of Energy/Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) and International Energy Initiative; Edson A. Vendrusculo, International Energy Initiative and Faculdade de Engenharia Elétrica e Computação (UNICAMP); Thomaz Borges, International Energy Initiative; José A. Pomílio, Faculdade de Engenharia Elétrica e Computação (UNICAMP)

Energy Intensity Indicators for Non-Energy Intensive Industries: An Analysis for Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom

C.A. Ramirez, M.K. Patel, K. Blok, Utrecht University, Copernicus Institute

Accelerating Innovation: Building on the Past to Expand Biorefining and Sustainable Manufacturing in Wisconsin

Preston Schutt, Wisconsin Department of Administration, Energy Division; Sean Weitner, Kevin Grabner, Energy Center of Wisconsin

ULSAB-AVC (Advanced Vehicle Concepts): A Solution for Today (Engineering, Life Cycle Inventory, and Cost Analyses)

Jody Shaw, United States Steel Corporation; William Heenan, The SteelAlliance; Vanessa Smith, University of Michigan, Center for Sustainable Systems