Anna Chittum
Visiting Fellow, Industry
p. (206) 418-9559

Anna consults on federal, state, and local industrial energy policies and programs, particularly those pertaining to combined heat and power (CHP). Anna recently returned from a yearlong sabbatical in Denmark, where she was a Fulbright Fellow and a visiting researcher with Aalborg University’s Sustainable Energy Planning Research Group. Her research there focused on Danish heat planning and the use of CHP to balance intermittent renewable energy resources.

Anna’s areas of published research include: local energy planning practices in Denmark, energy resource planning in the United States, the benefits of CHP to utilities, local policy and regulatory support for district energy systems, the potential for CHP to replace lost coal capacity in the United States, and best practices in large customer “self-direct” energy efficiency programs. She joined ACEEE in 2008.

Prior to joining ACEEE, Anna managed industrial economic development programs for the City of New York. She holds a master of science degree in urban planning from Columbia University and a bachelor of arts degree in economics from Gonzaga University. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

  • Combined heat and power and district energy policies and regulations
  • Industrial energy efficiency programs
  • Large energy consumer self-directed programs
  • Industrial economic development policies and programs