Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs

The industrial sector offers tremendous opportunity for low-cost energy savings from utility energy efficiency programs. ACEEE created a collection of four tools to communicate the value of ratepayer-funded industrial energy efficiency programs to policymakers, state governments, utility operators, and other stakeholders. Each tool focuses on a particular approach to achieving greater program participation by large energy users (click title to download).

  1. Industrial Efficiency Programs Can Achieve Large Energy Savings at Low Cost. An overview of the benefits of industrial programs and a list of 10 tips for designing good industrial energy efficiency programs.
  2. The Dollars and Cents of Industrial Efficiency Program Investment. How the combined investment of utility and customer dollars saves more energy and provides added value to customers.
  3. Myths and Facts about Industrial Opt-Out Provisions. How to respond to arguments often made in favor of allowing industrial customers to opt out of energy efficiency programs.
  4. Overview of Large-Customer Self-Direct Options for Energy Efficiency Programs. The status of self-direct programs and opt-out provisions by state and tips for designing successful self-direct programs.