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Exemplary Energy Efficiency Programs Nomination Form

ACEEE 3nd National Review and Recognition of Exemplary Energy Efficiency Programs

Nominations due by midnight, October 5, 2012

Please provide the following information. Items marked with a red asterisk are required fields:



e.g., customer rates, systems benefit charge or tarriff/ rate rider

For most recent year available. Please include year.

(limit 2 pages) Please be sure to describe the services provided (what, how and by whom). Include brief background of the program--particularly when the program began, how it has developed, any key changes over time, and, if so, why such changes were made. You are welcome to attach supplemental materials--there's an upload tool at the end of this form.

(limit 1 page) Why is this program exemplary? Please consider the following factors in describing program performance and achievements: Direct Energy Savings and Other Benefits, Market Impacts, Cost Effectiveness, Customer Service and Satisfaction, Innovation, and Transferability, Number of Participants, "Depth" of Energy savings (Percent Energy Saved per Participant/Project

Supplementary information and/or documentation may be uploaded as zip files in a zip folder containing .doc, .pdf, .jpg, and .xls files. Zipped folder uploads may not exceed 2 MB in size.

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