Manitoba Hydro - Lower Income Energy Efficiency Program

Program Category: 
Residential (indoor & outdoor)
Lead administrating organization/company: 
Manitoba Hydro
Locality(ies) and State(s) in which the program operates: 
Technology/end use(s) targeted: 

Building shell, Lighting, Lighting - CFL, Miscellaneous technologies

Program approach and services provided: 

Offers lower income households free in-home energy efficiency review, qualifying insulation upgrades and basic energy saving items  as also easy monthly installment payment for purchasing a new high efficiency natural gas furnace.

Free qualifying insulation upgrades.

A new high efficiency natural gas furnace for $19/month for a fixed term.

Free in-home energy efficiency review and basic energy saving items such as low-flow showerheads and compact fluorescent lights.

Program Contact: 
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Program Contact Phone Number: 
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