Rates and Accounting Program Manager

Oregon Public Utility Commission
Closing Date: 
Fri, 03/30/2018

The PUC is currently seeking a well-qualified candidate for a supervisory management, Principal Executive Manager E, Rates and Accounting Program Manager, position in the Utility Program's Energy Rates, Finance and Audit Division. This is a State of Oregon Management Service Supervisory (MMS), exempt position.

The Utility Program's Energy Rates, Finance, and Audit Division (Energy RFAD) conducts quantitative and policy analysis to develop recommendations on energy-utility matters such as utility proposals to raise rates through a general rate filing. Specifically, the staff in this section are responsible for conducting complex and comprehensive audits of utility books and records to ensure accuracy of the organizations financial records and the prudence of costs incurred. The Energy RFAD also reviews utility applications to; sell utility property, issue long-term securities to finance power plant construction and other facility investment needs, enter into contracts with affiliated interests, set rates for a specific service schedule, request deferral of unexpected large cost events for later recovery, and join organized transmission markets such as the California Independent System Operator.


The Rates and Accounting Program Manager will lead a staff of six professional staff in the review of accounting, financial, and auditing matters pertaining to electric and natural gas utilities. This will include analysis of utility rate filings, utility deferred accounting filings, affiliated interest filings, property transfer applications, annual affiliated interest reports, results of operations reports, earnings review, code of conduct issues, and the evaluation of other diversification issues.

Major duties include:

  • Is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Rates and Accounting section; including hiring, training, coaching, motivating, and responding to grievances, as necessary. 
  • Leads and directs the work of assigned staff regarding accounting and financial analyses and other matters related to utility operations including: utility rate cases / revenue requirements; utility deferred accounting applications; power costs adjustments; earnings reviews; purchased gas adjustments; and other rates and accounting matters.
  • Establishes program budget priorities; develop short- and long-term goals and administrative policies; and identify methods for motivating staff and for improving processes and service to customers. 
  • Examines and evaluates testimony and exhibits of energy companies applying for rate changes using information gathered from audits, written staff requests for information, company testimony in current and prior cases of this and other jurisdictions, and prior orders of the Commission, statutes, publications, and other sources. Formulates arguments in support of, and calculates adjustments to, the revenue requirements in the respective company's Commission filing(s).  Forecast data for future test years. Advise other staff witnesses about data in company exhibits and proper formulation of staff adjustments. 
  • In a leadership role, organizes project teams to analyze utility rate change proposals or determine whether to initiate rate reduction proceedings.  This will primarily involve; scheduling, assuring production of professional quality testimony and other staff proposals, advising staff regarding appropriate positions on issues, leading settlement negotiations during general rate cases, purchased gas adjustments, power cost adjustments, other settlement conferences, and preparing portions of settlement documents.
  • Reviews draft orders for accuracy and logic and furnishes comments to the agency's Administrative Hearings Division, Hearings Officer.
  • Directs the work of, and advises, analysts preparing reports and making recommendations.  Ensures timely completion of projects, including projects of one to two years in duration.  Reviews staff's work for consistency with agency standards, statutes, rules, and Commission policies.  Directs the preparation of rebuttal testimony.  Assists in preparing cross-examination questions for company and intervenor witnesses.  Assists Attorney General's office in policy and factual matters with the preparation of legal briefs and Commission orders.
  • Directs, reviews, comments, and edits formal testimony written by professional staff.  This includes thorough review of analysis to ensure consistency with Oregon Statutes, Oregon Administrative Rules, prior Commission orders, and current state-of-the-art practices in regulation.  Formal written testimony is based upon original analytical and quantitative analyses, and is prepared under time strict constraints imposed by statute or administrative limitations. 
  • Examines and evaluates company, Commission, legislative, or other proposals for economic, accounting, and operational changes affecting energy utility revenue requirements.  Determines economic costs and benefits for the short and long range.  May require simulations and projections of operating results and investments under multiple scenarios, evaluation of current and future operating, financial, and economic conditions, engineering economy calculations or present or future worth of varying expenditure/income streams, and evaluation of the relationships of present actions to future reliability of service and costs to ratepayers. 
  • Makes oral presentations and provides expert testimony to the Commission concerning general rate cases, purchased gas adjustments, power cost adjustments, and other rates and accounting matters.

PUC is looking for successful candidates for this position who possess some or all of the following skills:

  • An advanced degree in: Accounting, Auditing, Economics, or Finance.
  • Professional-level work experience with an electric or natural gas utility, a state public utility commission, a utility consumer advocate organization, a department of energy, or other closely related employer in an energy field.
  • Professional-level work experience leading analysis and review of utility general rate applications.
  • Professional-level work experience leading analysis and review of utility purchased gas adjustment applications.
  • Professional-level work experience leading analysis and review of utility power cost applications.
  • Professional-level work experience conducting financial audits.


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The Oregon Public Utility Commission is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer Committed to Workforce Diversity.