July 2010

Blog Post | July 29, 2010

An Export Strategy for the Clean Tech Sector

As part of the larger Make It In America initiative, yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 5156, the Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Act of 2010. According to its main sponsor, California Congresswoman Doris Matsui, the Act will encourage investment in American-made high-tech products and launch an export strategy to bring those products to foreign markets.

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Blog Post | July 28, 2010

International Freight Cost Increase Further Encouraging Domestic Production

A story in Monday's New York Times reports that the costs of marine freight are again increasing as the global economy recovers. This trend is a reemergence of a trend that ACEEE noted in the last half of the past decade. Part of this trend is competition for capacity, but much of it results from infrastructure constraints at U.S. ports that increase the cost and delay imports into the U.S.

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Blog Post | July 2, 2010

NY Times Story Highlights Manufacturing Workforce Issues

<p>A <a href=" in today&#39;s New York Times highlighted a fact that ACEEE has been hearing for several years, which is there is a shortage of skilled manufacturing workers (as I discussed last year in my Senate Energy <a href="/tstimony/032409_senate_RNE.pdf">testimony</a>).

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