March 2011

Press Release | March 29, 2011

Arkansas Energy Efficiency Investments Would Create Thousands of Local Jobs and Save Customers Billions

State Already On Track to Becoming the Most Energy Efficient in Southeast


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Blog Post | March 24, 2011

Federal Energy Policy Update — All Eyes on June

It doesn’t take a Ouija board to know that activity on federal energy legislation has been less than dynamic recently. With Congress currently focused on funding the 2011 Fiscal Year (already now half over) and then increasing the federal debt ceiling, the main focus has been on what compromises can be made and which deals can be cut. By June these issues will hopefully be wrapped up and we will be in position to see what the future may hold.

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Press Release | March 22, 2011
Press Release | March 16, 2011

Bipartisan Efforts in 2005 Energy Bill Led to Significant Energy Efficiency Gains

Analysis of 2005 Energy Policy Act Shows Markets Transformed and Doors Opened to Further Legislation


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Blog Post | March 8, 2011

ACEEE Launches New Web-Based Resource in Response to Opportunities in Local Energy Efficiency Policy

Local policy is becoming an increasingly important driver for energy efficiency with local governments and other local leaders continuing to create innovative solutions even when federal and state leadership is lacking. Additionally, local governments have many responsibilities and relationships that put them in a unique position to effectively translate energy efficiency goals into successful implementation, and ultimately create tangible on-the-ground results. 

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Blog Post | March 3, 2011

Great Promise in Washington for Manufacturing Modernization and Energy Efficiency

The President’s FY2012 budget request last week contained  the latest piece of positive news for  manufacturing policy. In marked contrast to the growing number of funding cuts for other government programs, the President’s request for the Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) at the Department of Energy (DOE) is over 300% higher than the last congressionally approved budget (FY2010).

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