May 2011

Blog Post | May 25, 2011

New Vehicle Labels Take Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

The new vehicle fuel economy label announced today by EPA and DOT beats the current label, providing better information on fuel costs and adding emissions of both greenhouse gases and traditional air pollutants.

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Blog Post | May 25, 2011

State by State, Appliance Standards Save Money, Create Jobs, and Protect the Environment

Since the 1980s, energy efficiency appliance standards have been saving consumers money and creating jobs throughout the U.S. These standards translate into savings when new, energy-efficient equipment is purchased, reducing utility bills for consumers and businesses.

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Blog Post | May 16, 2011

Local Clean Energy Leadership Summit Will Cover Clean Energy and Sustainability Projects

ACEEE is one of several partner organizations helping to convene city and county officials from across the country, key congressional and federal agency decision-makers, and environmental policy leaders who are leading clean energy and sustainability projects for the June 15-17 Local Clean Energy Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. This is a re-post from Andy Seth, Executive Director of Climate Communities,about the event.

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Blog Post | May 12, 2011

To Advance Efficiency, State Governments Go Local

Anyone following the budget crises facing state governments can tell you that the policies and actions taken in state capitols can make indelible impacts on local governments. Local governments often rely on state funds, and in many cases take cues from the states when considering policies and programs.

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Press Release | May 10, 2011
Blog Post | May 4, 2011

Comprehensive Federal Energy Legislation Looking Unlikely, But Opportunities for Individual Measures May Be on the Horizon

In an earlier blog post I noted that June was likely to be a critical month for possible federal energy legislation. It now looks like June will be consumed with work on the long-term federal budget and raising the federal debt ceiling, crowding out other issues.

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Blog Post | May 2, 2011

Why EIA Funding Cuts May Disrupt Energy Efficiency Investments

Last Thursday, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced cuts in Energy Data and Analysis Programs resulting from the Fiscal Year 2011 Budget deal. While the 14% annual cut looks small, because we are half-way through the fiscal year, this translates into a much larger cut for the remainder of the year, which ends in September.

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