March 2012

Blog Post | March 29, 2012

How Tax Reform Could Remove Barriers to Energy Efficiency Investments

“Tax reform” is becoming one of the key catchphrases this election season. With support from both Democrats and Republicans, actual work on legislation is likely to take place in 2013. Key elements of reform are likely to include simplifying the tax code and reducing marginal tax rates by eliminating many credits and deductions.

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Blog Post | March 26, 2012

Communities Dive In: Local Planning for Energy Efficiency

This post is the second of three on sustaining local energy efficiency efforts. The first post described trends in local implementation of energy efficiency. The next post will explore sustainable funding sources.

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Blog Post | March 16, 2012

ACEEE & AMMEX Respond to DOE’s Industrial Program FY2013 Budget Request

ACEEE and the Alliance for Materials Manufacturing Excellence (AMMEX) remain impressed with the President’s focus on the importance of manufacturing to the American economy.

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