July 2012

Press Release | July 31, 2012

Energy-Efficient Affordable Housing Can Dramatically Improve Residents’ Economic Stability

New Report Shows How Energy-Efficient Manufactured Homes Can Save Consumers Billions

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Blog Post | July 20, 2012

Overriding Common Sense: An Attack on Energy Efficiency Standards

A new report published last week by the anti-regulatory Mercatus Center (an advocacy outfit associated with the Koch brothers) took aim at appliance and vehicle efficiency standards. In the report, the authors argue that standards reduce consumer choice and are not justified because the environmental benefits are small and consumer benefits are non-existent.

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Blog Post | July 16, 2012

Do Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives Have a Role to Play in Tax Reform?

There is substantial talk in Washington about tax reform being a key issue for 2013. Generally this is perceived to mean simplifying the tax code by scaling back tax deductions and credits, and using the money saved to both lower marginal tax rates and help lower the federal budget deficit. In such a climate, where do energy efficiency tax incentives fit in? Such incentives have been in place in varying forms since 2005, and several that recently expired may be extended at the end of this year.

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Press Release | July 11, 2012

ACEEE: United Kingdom Tops in Energy Efficiency, U.S. Lags in 9th Place

First International Energy Efficiency Scorecard of 12 Major Economies Also Finds Germany, Italy, and Japan Ranking Highly; U.S. Behind Most Countries, Including China, France, and Australia.

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Blog Post | July 9, 2012

Biased Thinking in the “Energy Efficiency Gap”

UPDATE: A revised and updated version of this blog entry can be found here. This ACEEE paper was written to comment on a January, 2012 paper that Allcott and Greenstone published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives. Allcott and Greenstone have since revised their paper to respond to some of our criticisms.

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Press Release | July 3, 2012

Report Provides Lessons Learned from Chinese Best Practices on Building Energy Efficiency

Paris—Today a new report entitled Building Energy Efficiency Policies in China: Status Report was released jointly by the Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN), the China Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP) and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). This is the first report of this kind issued internationally that provides a comprehensive English summary of Chinese studies on building energy policies in China.

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Blog Post | July 2, 2012

Gone Fishin’: Ethnographic Research into Everyday Energy Use in the Deep South

Temperatures are rising, humidity is increasing, and the ACEEE Behavior crew decided that July was the perfect time to conduct research across the deepest of the Deep South. Laissez le bon temps rouler is our battle cry as we fan out to talk with folks about their everyday energy usage. We are tackling a variety of topics in several sites across the South including:  Alpharetta, GA; Oneonta, AL; Corinth, MS; and The Big Easy itself, New Orleans, LA.

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