May 2013

Blog Post | May 15, 2013

A Look Back at Secretary Chu’s Enormous Impact on Energy Savings

With Congress about to confirm Ernie Moniz as the nation’s new energy secretary, it’s a good time to take a look back on what his predecessor, Steven Chu, accomplished with new appliance, equipment and lighting efficiency standards. In brief, he accomplished a lot. But not as much as he might have if he’d had better backing from the White House. Let’s start with the hard numbers.

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Blog Post | May 10, 2013

Can Freight System Efficiency Improvements Deliver Major Energy Savings?

With heavy truck fuel efficiency standards in place and federal agencies gearing up for the next phase of the program, it’s time to consider energy savings opportunities in the freight system more broadly. Our new report Energy Efficiency Potential of the U.S.

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Blog Post | May 1, 2013

State of Play: Obama’s Executive Order on CHP

Last year, President Obama issued an Executive Order recognizing the importance of industrial energy efficiency and combined heat and power (CHP). Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy, issued on August 30, 2012, calls for increased coordination of several federal agencies to promote the benefits of and help remove barriers to CHP deployment.

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