November 2013

Blog Post | November 25, 2013

Just in Time for Thanksgiving, A Feast of Energy Savings from DOE’s Proposed New Electric Motor Standards

Electric motors are about as common in U.S. industry and commercial buildings as roast turkey at Thanksgiving. According to the Energy Information Administration, about one-half of all electricity used by U.S. industry goes to power motors.

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Press Release | November 6, 2013

Massachusetts Most Energy-Efficient State in 2013 with California Close Behind at #2, Mississippi is Most Improved

Top 10 States Ranked in Energy Efficiency Scorecard: MA, CA, NY, OR, CT, RI, VT, WA, MD, and IL

5 States Most Needing Improvement : ND, WY, SD, AK, MS

5 Most Improved States: MS, ME, KS, OH, and WV

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Blog Post | November 1, 2013

ACEEE Establishes Research Advisory Board

Policymakers at every level of government, business leaders, designers and implementers of energy efficiency programs, researchers, and advocates have come to depend upon ACEEE’s research to inform and guide their decisions. ACEEE’s Board of Directors and staff are committed to providing research of the highest quality and responsiveness.

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