November 2015

Blog Post | November 30, 2015

New energy efficiency legislation offers opportunity for the Golden State to up its game

California has long been an energy efficiency leader, topping ACEEE’s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard from 2006–2010 and ranking #2 since then. But like many states, California would much prefer to be #1 and has been upping its game, achieving a “most improved” grade in our 2015 Scorecard and trailing the #1 state by only half a point.

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Blog Post | November 16, 2015

Creating a trading space for researchers and innovators at the 2015 Intelligent Efficiency Conference

Are you conducting research on the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) and data analytics to save energy? Or, have you just finished some research and are looking for a venue to report the results? Perhaps you just launched a new project, program, device, or service, and want to share it.

Or maybe you need data. Or you have data and think it may be of use to someone?

We want to hear from you!  More specifically, we want you to attend our 2015 Intelligent Efficiency Conference and tell other attendees.

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Blog Post | November 12, 2015

Yes, municipal utilities can compete with their investor-owned cousins on energy efficiency

Utility energy efficiency policies and programs have seen tremendous growth over the past dozen years, and this progress has been widely cited by ACEEE and others. During this time, much attention has rightly been focused on investor-owned utilities, since they account for the majority of electricity sales in the nation.

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Blog Post | November 6, 2015

Breathe Easy. Energy efficiency improves health.

Energy efficiency means using technology and best practices to produce the same or better levels of services, such as light, temperature control, or motor drive power, while using less energy. Or, to put it simply, it’s about reducing waste.

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Blog Post | November 3, 2015

New building codes study shares important lessons for research and evaluation

A recent paper by Charles Withers and Robin Vieira from the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) presents a fascinating story about the impacts of the Florida new home building energy code. The paper was presented at the recent Behavior, Energy and Climate Change conference.

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