June 2019

Press Release | June 19, 2019

Affordable Clean Energy Rule Misses Chance to Slash Carbon Emissions

Statement of Steven Nadel, executive director

The Affordable Clean Energy Rule (ACE), announced today by the US Environmental Protection Agency, misses a large opportunity to slash carbon emissions, reduce air pollution, and save money. The rule recognizes that energy efficiency measures at power plants can reduce both carbon emissions and consumer utility bills, but it will deliver relatively few savings.

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Blog Post | June 12, 2019

Here are six ways we have slashed US energy use by a fifth

Major energy efficiency policies slashed US energy use by about 20% in 2017, saving a whopping 25 quads of energy —the amount used in California, Texas, and Florida combined.

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Blog Post | June 11, 2019

DOE refuses public hearing on a proposal that could gut US appliance standards

UPDATE (June 26): After receiving our renewed public hearing request and similar requests from a number of manufacturers and AHRI, an industry trade group, DOE decided to hold a 2-hour public webinar on Thursday, July 11th from 9 to 11 eastern time. Comments are due two business days after the public hearing, on Monday July 15th. Details here.  

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