Motor Crusher Credit Part of House & Senate Bills

Blog Post | June 23, 2009 - 9:37 pm

The "Motor Crusher Credit" (actually entitled the Motor Efficiency Rebate Program) passed out of the Senate Energy Committee last Wednesday as Sec. 228 of the comprehensive energy bill the American Clean Energy Leadership Act. See ACEEE's press release on the bill for details and a link of our assessment of the energy efficiency impacts of the bill.

The motor rebate provision (as Sec. 245) is also part of the House Climate Bill (H.R. 2454), the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which appears headed to a floor vote in the House this week. The provision's inclusion in both bills makes it likely that the authorizing language will be included in any bill that emerges from a conference between the two houses, whether it is a climate bill or just an energy bill. We are guessing that the bill, if passed, will not pass until the fall.

The provision would then go to DOE for the development of a program plan covering how it would actually be implemented.

It is important to remember that this is just authorizing language, and that were it enacted we would still need to have money appropriated to fund the program. We hope that this would be part of the FY2011 appropriation request from U.S. DOE. As a result it appears unlikely that this program would actually be funded until the 2010 program year at the earliest.