ACEEE To Establish Program on Behavior and Human Dimensions of Energy Use

Blog Post | November 15, 2009 - 7:00 pm

ACEEE has worked on behavior and human dimension issues for many years. Since the 1980s, we have allocated a full panel to these issues at our Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. We have also conducted research on appliance labeling; integrated behavior issues into our economic modeling work and our energy-savings potential studies; and have recently written several papers on these issues, including two studies for the California Public Utilities Commission, and an ACEEE Summer Study paper. Today, November 16, we are co-convening the Behavior, Energy and Climate Change conference (BECC) with our colleagues at California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE) and Precourt Energy Efficiency Center. Now, with generous support from the Kresge and Sea Change Foundations, we will be establishing a new Behavior and Human Dimensions of Energy Use program at ACEEE and are seeking to hire a director for this new program.

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Initial projects will focus on advanced metering and consumer feedback; identifying exemplary programs for behavioral change; and developing a better understanding of automobile purchasing decisions. Efforts beyond these initial projects will be developed later and we welcome feedback from Grapevine readers on directions we should consider (please e-mail This will be a cross-cutting program working closely with ACEEE’s other research programs such as buildings, transportation, utilities, industry, and economic analysis. We are now hiring someone to direct this program and will hire additional staff to assist the new director later.

As many of you know, Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez has been working on both behavior and economic analysis issues at ACEEE, but has recently decided to move on. She will continue to help ACEEE with several projects on a consulting basis, but will also be working on her own projects. ACEEE appreciates all of Karen’s contributions to ACEEE (she is chairing the 2009 BECC conference) and wishes her the best in her new endeavors.