ACEEE Student Scholarship Winners

Blog Post | August 18, 2010 - 5:37 pm

ICF International, Portland Energy Conservation, Incorporated, and the ACEEE staff and Board sponsored Summer Study scholarships for seven undergraduate and graduate students. The award paid for the conference registration fee, housing and meals, and a portion of transportation costs.

To be eligible, the applicant had to be an undergraduate or graduate student in an accredited college or university whose course work is related to energy/energy efficiency, climate change, environmental science, or a related field of study, and considering a career in energy/energy efficiency. The ACEEE Scholarship Committee chose the winners:


  • Wayne Leighty is working with Southern California Edison on smart transportation planning, and with Alan Meier at the UC Davis Energy Center.
  • Tim Gates is currently at Evergreen State College, where he is working on a feasibility study for a biomass gasification plant, and studying all aspects of renewable energy.
  • Alireza Bozorgi is completing his PhD thesis on the financial performance of energy efficiency investments in existing commercial building energy systems.
  • Bethany Robinson is presenting a paper at Summer Study on HVAC education for engineers working on energy management systems.
  • Amy Nagengast is a Civil Engineer and a summer intern at PG&E’s solar group.
  • Brian Coffey is working on an optimized chilled water system controls at U.C. Merced.
  • Jennifer Theodore is studying how residential rental property owners manage energy efficiency.

ACEEE would like to thank its current Student Scholarship funders who help make these scholarships available to students: