Reaching the Tipping Point: Majority of States Now Have an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard

Energy efficiency policy in the states continued to move ahead in the last month of 2010 as Wisconsin approved an energy efficiency resource standard (EERS) on the heels of Arkansas’s passage of an EERS. The achievement means that 26 states now have an EERS—a foundational policy to reduce energy use over a long-term period. These 26 states account for 65% of our national electricity demand. By 2020 the cumulative impact of the EERS policies in place will be a 6% reduction in total national electricity retail sales (kWh) from what these sales otherwise are projected to be. Read the ACEEE press release here.

To learn more about EERS and other energy efficiency policies in all of the states, visit the State Energy Efficiency Policy Database or read the State EERS Policy Fact Sheet.