Air regulators, state energy officials, and the affordable housing community are working together. Here’s why.

Blog Post | October 12, 2015 - 10:26 am
By Lauren Ross, Director, Local Policy

EPA’s recently released Clean Power Plan (CPP) requires states to reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants. How states meet their targets will vary, as they are able to choose from a variety of compliance approaches. Many states, however, are well positioned to incorporate energy efficiency into their compliance plans. It’s proven to be a least-cost strategy for utilities, and provides multiple benefits for the customers they serve.

Targeting energy efficiency investments in affordable multifamily buildings is one strategy states can adopt. In addition to reductions in energy use and carbon, energy efficiency also lowers household energy bills and improves indoor air quality and health. These qualities make it a win-win for states and their residents.

The CPP offers a unique opportunity for multi-stakeholder coordination around energy efficiency in multifamily affordable housing. Residents and building owners in low-income communities will benefit from state compliance plans that include increased resources and financing for energy efficiency programs that serve this sector. In addition, participation in the Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP), a voluntary early action program, will award states extra credit toward compliance for implementing energy efficiency programs in low-income communities.

In many states, air regulators and state energy officials will be leading the planning process with considerable opportunities for public input. This provides an opportunity for those state officials and the affordable housing community to come together to ensure that energy efficiency in multifamily affordable housing is an element of their state’s compliance plan.

For more information on the opportunities for energy efficiency in affordable housing under the CPP, see Energy Efficiency for All’s Clean Power Plan brief and join us for a webinar on October 15th. The webinar, Opportunities for affordable housing and energy efficiency in the Clean Power Plan, will provide an overview of the final rule, a discussion of what the Clean Power Plan means for housing stakeholders, and a review of how to engage in your state's planning process.