Following the points: A State Scorecard preview

Blog Post | October 15, 2015 - 12:41 pm
By Annie Gilleo, Senior Manager, State Policy

October marks the release of the 9th edition of ACEEE’s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, and we’re convinced it’s the best one yet. That’s because every year we refine our methodology, getting better and more specific data from states and adjusting our scoring criteria to reflect the changing landscape of energy efficiency. This year, we are making a few big changes, but you’ll still recognize the State Scorecard you’ve come to know.

What’s Changed:

We spent some time digging into our assumptions about how much energy savings were available in each of the six policy areas we consider in the State Scorecard, and came away finding that efficiency efforts in the transportation sector deserve more credit. This year, we’ve added an extra point to that category, for a total of ten points.

We’re also giving more points to actual outcomes this year. States can earn up to nine points for energy savings (six for electricity savings and three for natural gas). That’s almost 20% of the total number of points awarded in the State Scorecard, and an increase of two points compared to last year. Good policies spur these savings, which is why we also look carefully at policies that can affect the efficiency of buildings, cars, industry, and government operations in states.

What’s Stayed the Same:

Yes, we are making some changes, but the basic structure of our State Scorecard remains the same. We award a total of 50 points to states across six major policy areas: utility-sector energy efficiency, building energy codes, transportation efficiency, state-led initiatives, combined heat and power, and appliance and equipment standards.

The number of states we’re including in the State Scorecard has stayed the same, too. And that number isn’t 50! We also include the District of Columbia and three US territories in our scoring.

The ranks of 15 states remain unchanged this year. And the winner? We’re not going to tell you now! To find out who’s taken the top spot and which states have risen in the rankings, check out the ninth State Energy Efficiency Scorecard when it’s released on October 21st. Follow our Twitter account, @ACEEEdc, for breaking Scorecard news and check our State Scorecard landing page for state scores and ranks, as well as the full report and score sheets that break down our scoring for each state.