Industrial Assessment Centers (IAC)

Blog Post | November 5, 2009

New Reports: Industry's Role in Addressing Climate Change

A new study by the World Wildlife Fund examines the need for US industries to undergo a fundamental transformation to decrease carbon emissions to necessary levels. According to the executive summary:

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Blog Post | November 3, 2009

DOE Announces $155 Million for Industrial Energy Efficiency

DOE announced today they would be awarding over $155 million for industrial energy efficiency projects and technical assistance. "Many companies already realize that improving efficiency saves money while helping the environment," said DOE Secretary Steven Chu.

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Blog Post | June 23, 2009

Major Energy Efficiency Issues Likely to Come Before Congress in 2009

Congress is considering three major pieces of energy-related legislation in 2009 – an economic stimulus bill, an energy bill, and climate change legislation.  The stimulus bill was enacted in February – click here for more information.  The schedule for the other two are less clear, but our best guess is an energy bill in the summer of 2009 and final climate legislation in early 2010.  It is also possible that energy and climate legislation will be combined.

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Blog Post | May 8, 2009

Disappointing DOE 2010 Budget Request

DOE released its budget request for FY2010. Unfortunately it is disappointing with respect to the Industrial Technologies Program. Overall, funding increases from $90 million for FY2009 to $100 million for FY2010. However, funding actually goes down for the Industries of the Future (industry specific), with distributed energy and industrial assessment centers level funded. The major increases are for deployment (e.g., SEN) and for cross-cutting research.

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Blog Post | March 24, 2009

Senate Energy Committee Testimony

Thanks to the help of my colleagues here at ACEEE, my testimony for Thursday's Senate Energy Committee hearing on S. 661 Manufacturing energy legislation is in. Those interested can download my testimony here.

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Blog Post | February 28, 2009

The State Current: Energy Efficiency Programs that Work: K-12 Benchmarking with ENERGY STAR

State energy offices should consider utilizing energy management resources provided by Energy Star for K-12 school districts. By partnering with Energy Star, states can use established benchmarking methods to compile energy data from school districts, and direct energy efficiency funding towards the districts that would benefit most from installations. Similarly, districts can target the most inefficient schools.

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