Blog Post | April 29, 2010

Business Attitudes Toward Energy Efficiency Are Changing

<p>Business investment is rebounding rapidly, reversing directing from the drastic cutbacks and plant closings that began almost two years ago.

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Press Release | April 1, 2010

New National Water Heater Standards Give Efficiency a Major Boost

Washington, D.C. — New efficiency standards released late yesterday by the Obama Administration’s Department of Energy (DOE) will deliver huge energy savings nationwide by making each of the millions of new water heaters installed more energy-efficient, according to a coalition of energy efficiency, consumer, and environmental organizations.

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Press Release | December 2, 2009

New Water Heater Efficiency Standards Deliver Savings—But Not Enough

Washington, D.C. — New home water heater efficiency standards proposed yesterday by the Obama Administration will save energy and money for U.S. households and reduce global warming and other harmful emissions; but they fall short of their potential according to a broad coalition of energy-efficiency, consumer and environmental organizations. 

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Press Release | November 3, 2009

New Outdoor Lighting Agreement Will Reduce Need for New Power Plants While Improving Lighting Quality

Washington, D.C. — Today, lighting equipment manufacturers and energy efficiency organizations announced agreement on a legislative package that would create new minimum efficiency standards for many types of outdoor lighting products. If enacted by Congress as new legislation, the agreed-upon new standards would reduce U.S. lighting energy use by about 24 to 42 billion kWh annually, equivalent to the annual output of 3 to 6 new 1000 MW power plants (the typical size of a new nuclear unit).

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