Vehicle Safety

Blog Post | September 29, 2017

In Run on Less roadshow, trucks topped 10 mpg in real-world driving

The first-ever Run on Less roadshow demonstrated just how fuel-efficient a tractor-trailer can be in real-world operation. Seven Class 8 Freightliner, International, and Volvo tractor trucks drove 50,000 miles across the country, carrying more than 55,000 lbs. of goods on average, and converged in Atlanta on Sunday for the grand finale.

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Press Release | March 28, 2002

Small Car Models Rank Among Safest Vehicles

WASHINGTON, D.C.A new report on auto safety released today finds that the average sport utility vehicle or pickup truck is more dangerous than most cars on the road, when the risk posed to other drivers is taken into account. The report also shows that, contrary to conventional wisdom, many small cars have lower fatality rates among their own drivers than SUVs or pickups. SUVs are the fastest growing segment of new vehicles, today comprising 21% of that market, up from 6% just 13 years ago.

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