Energy Efficiency Investment

Blog Post | March 29, 2012

How Tax Reform Could Remove Barriers to Energy Efficiency Investments

“Tax reform” is becoming one of the key catchphrases this election season. With support from both Democrats and Republicans, actual work on legislation is likely to take place in 2013. Key elements of reform are likely to include simplifying the tax code and reducing marginal tax rates by eliminating many credits and deductions.

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Blog Post | March 1, 2012

Energy Efficiency Finance 301: The Growing Popularity of On-Bill Financing

The promise of energy efficiency investments to boost the overall economy and to create and sustain jobs is becoming more widely accepted, as shown in part by the ever-growing number of cost-effective energy efficiency financing programs across the c

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Press Release | January 12, 2012

ACEEE Report: U.S. Better Off “Thinking Big” about Energy Efficiency Instead of Focusing First on Development of New Energy Sources

Listen to the streaming audio file recording of this news event (mp3) HERE

How Lack of Emphasis on Major Energy Efficiency Investments Leaves “3 Jokers in the U.S. Economic Deck”; Slashing Energy Use 60% Could Generate 2 Million Jobs & Save the Equivalent of $2600 Per Household Annually. 


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Blog Post | January 6, 2012

Energy Efficiency in 2012: Forecast Is Mostly Sunny

Looking forward into 2012, I see more reasons for optimism than pessimism. Many states and utilities are committed to ramping up their energy efficiency programs this year and even more are considering similar steps. For example, Massachusetts electric utility programs are targeting 2.4% savings this year as part of a ramp-up rate originally established a few years ago.

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Press Release | December 8, 2011

Study: Repayment for Energy Efficiency Improvements through Utility Bills a Growing Trend

On-Bill Financing Extends Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Investments to Historically Underserved Markets such as Multifamily Housing and Small Businesses


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Blog Post | December 7, 2011
Blog Post | December 6, 2011

Why Obama’s Energy Efficiency Plan Will Create Jobs and Boost the Economy

President Obama took an important step forward last Friday by announcing nearly $4 billion in combined federal and private sector energy upgrades to buildings over the next two years. This investment would help boost the economy and create jobs for Americans.

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Blog Post | November 1, 2011

Energy Efficiency Finance 201: Looking at Loan Programs and Finance Opportunities

Lately a lot of attention is being paid to financing of clean energy technologies. The promise is that just around the corner we’ll be able to use these technologies to help rebuild the economy, create American jobs, improve international competitiveness, and clean up the environment. But most people don’t realize that cost-effective clean energy technologies already exist and are being deployed nationwide.

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Blog Post | October 21, 2011

State Progress on Energy Efficiency Creates New Business Opportunities

This week, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released its annual rankings of the 50 states and District of Columbia on their progress toward adopting and implementing various energy-efficiency policies and programs.  This year’s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard reveals that many states are making great advancements in energy efficiency on all fronts – from transportation to industry to buildings, helping Americans save money and creating new business and employment opportunities across the

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Press Release | September 20, 2011

Study: Energy Efficiency Loan Financing Proving to be a Low Risk Investment with Large-Scale Potential

Energy Efficiency Loan Programs Default Rates Range from 0–3% and Remained Largely Unchanged During Housing Bubble Collapse


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