Appliance Standards

Press Release | January 16, 2020

New DOE Rule Undercuts a Top US Policy for Saving Energy

In yet another attack on energy-saving policies, the Trump administration today approved a rule that will make it much more difficult to set new energy efficiency standards for common appliances and equipment — from refrigerators, dishwashers and home furnaces to commercial air conditioners and industrial motors.

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Blog Post | January 10, 2020

DOE publishes four new efficiency standards, bowing to court order

It took a lawsuit, but today the Department of Energy (DOE) published the first new national appliance efficiency standards since 2017.

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Press Release | December 20, 2019

Trump Administration Defies 2007 Law and Ties Americans to Energy-Wasting Bulbs


Natural Resources Defense Council: Pat Remick, premick@nrdc.org, 202-696-6272

Appliance Standards Awareness Project: Andrew deLaski, adelaski@standardsasap.org, 617-515-7755

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Blog Post | September 6, 2019

In case you missed it: Six 2020 candidates discuss energy efficiency

The 2020 presidential candidates aren’t pulling punches when it comes to energy waste and climate change.

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Press Release | September 4, 2019

DOE’s Light Bulb Standards Rollback Will Cost Americans $14 Billion Each Year

Washington, DC—Today, the US Department of Energy (DOE) released two rules that continue the administration’s assault on common sense light bulb energy efficiency standards. The standards, scheduled to take effect in January 2020, would require most everyday light bulbs to achieve LED levels of energy efficiency, would save consumers billions of dollars, and would avoid millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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Press Release | July 11, 2019

Latest DOE Actions on Appliance Standards Will Cost Consumers and Increase Carbon Emissions

Washington, DC—Today, the Department of Energy (DOE) reversed course and sided with the gas industry, at the expense of consumers, by indicating it plans to ignore energy-efficient condensing technology when developing future efficiency standards for gas furnaces and water heaters.

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Blog Post | June 12, 2019

Here are six ways we have slashed US energy use by a fifth

Major energy efficiency policies slashed US energy use by about 20% in 2017, saving a whopping 25 quads of energy —the amount used in California, Texas, and Florida combined.

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Blog Post | June 11, 2019

DOE refuses public hearing on a proposal that could gut US appliance standards

UPDATE (June 26): After receiving our renewed public hearing request and similar requests from a number of manufacturers and AHRI, an industry trade group, DOE decided to hold a 2-hour public webinar on Thursday, July 11th from 9 to 11 eastern time. Comments are due two business days after the public hearing, on Monday July 15th. Details here.  

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Press Release | May 7, 2019

WA and CO Join Growing State Push for Efficient Appliances

Joint Statement by ACEEE’s Steve Nadel and ASAP’s Marianne DiMascio

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