Behavior & Human Dimensions

Press Release | November 2, 2010

Communicating the Benefits of Efficiency Encourages Saving Energy

Motivating customers and organizations to change their behavior can lead to significant energy savings. A new report from ACEEE, Visible and Concrete Savings: Case Studies of Effective Behavioral Approaches to Improving Customer Energy Efficiency, profiles a variety of programs that spur individuals and organizations to save energy by changing behavior in their homes, businesses, and plants.

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Blog Post | November 15, 2009

ACEEE To Establish Program on Behavior and Human Dimensions of Energy Use

ACEEE has worked on behavior and human dimension issues for many years. Since the 1980s, we have allocated a full panel to these issues at our Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

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Press Release | August 14, 2008

ACEEE Busts Energy Efficiency Myths

Washington, D.C. — The average person today is inundated with messages about saving energy. Unfortunately too many messages perpetuate long-standing myths, making it difficult to sort out good advice from bad. ACEEE has compiled a list of myth-busters to help separate energy savings fact from energy wasting fiction.

MYTHBUSTING FACT #1: Turning off lights, even for short periods of time, really saves energy, with little impact on the lifespan of the bulb.  Turn off the lights even when you’re leaving a room for just a few minutes.

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