Energy Efficiency in Appalachia: How Much More is Available, At What Cost, And By When?

Collaborative Report


Marilyn A. Brown, John "Skip" Laitner, Sharon Chandler, Elizabeth D. Kelly, Shruti Vaidyanathan, Vanessa McKinney, and Cecelia Logan


In 2006, the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) prepared a report – Energizing Appalachia: A Regional Blueprint for Economic and Energy Development – that articulates the ARC energy goal: "Develop the Appalachian Region's energy potential to increase the supply of locally produced, clean, affordable energy, and to create and regain jobs" (ARC, 2006). The report identified three strategic objectives that support this goal, one of which involved developing energy efficiency within the Region.

To more fully articulate this strategic objective, ARC commissioned an assessment of "the potential long-term energy efficiency gains for the Appalachian Region over current baseline projections from introducing a range of advanced efficiency standards for each energy end-use sector, and to detail the economic and environmental impacts from the technologies and investment required to attain these objectives." Energy Efficiency in Appalachia presents the results of this assessment. It addresses several essential questions:

  • How big are the energy-efficiency resources in Appalachia?
  • How quickly can these energy-efficiency resources be realized?
  • What policies and programs can most effectively translate these resources into energy savings?
  • What impact will such policies and programs have on jobs and wages in Appalachia?