1998 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

1998 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Energy Efficiency in a Competitive Environment

Asilomar Conference Center
Pacific Grove, CA
August 23, 1998 to August 28, 1998

Marilyn A. Brown
, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Helmut E. Feustel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

ACEEE hosted its 10th biennial Summer Study in August of 1998 at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California. The conference addressed a broad array of subjects such as deregulation in the utility industry and the role of ESCOs; international growth in energy efficiency programs and their linkages to global climate change initiatives; technology assessment; program implementaion and evaluation; building energy analysis; and building industry trends. The conference proceedings contain over 258 peer-reviewed papers.

The theme of this Summer Study was Energy Efficiency in a Competitive Environment, reflecting one of the major trends in the field of energy efficiency — the growing need to strategically position energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies in ways that harness marker forces. Restructuring of the electric utility industry and increase retail competition in both electric and gas markets has made it imperative to prove to consumers that energy efficiency improvements in buildings can constitute profitable investments. The need to compete in both domestic and international markets is forcing corporations and nations to focus on energy efficiency as a means of improving productivity and reducing costs. Across the globe, efforts to capture the benefits of energy efficiency are increasingly market-driven and market-based.

This week-long conference brought together a diverse group of professionals from around the world representing the views and expertise of utilities, industry, national laboratories, government agencies, public interest groups and universities.