Decision-Making in Existing Commercial Buildings Workshop

Decision-Making in Existing Commercial Buildings Workshop

Washington, DC
November 07, 2002 to November 08, 2002

ACEEE hosted an 'invitation only' workshop on decision-making in the existing commercial building sector in November 2002. The workshop drew together a range of professionals with a common interest in the improvement of energy performance in this sector. Presentations were given by professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including real estate and finance, as well as by researchers and program directors. The workshop provided an opportunity for in-depth discussion of markets for energy-efficiency in existing commercial buildings and strategies for transforming this market to actively pursue cost-effective, energy-efficient opportunities. This workshop addressed issues such as: the lack of knowledge of processes surrounding the initiation of energy projects; decision-making regarding energy efficiency, and; the form, content and timing of critical energy information for these processes. The existing commercial building sector encompasses a wide range of building types, and professionals and stakeholders. Activity within this sector is characterized by significant constraints in the existing physical fabric, financial considerations, and technical challenges. Market transformation of this sector for energy-efficiency is thus a complex process, albeit one with many access points and opportunities. A number of overarching issues needed further discussion and work for market transformation of this sector to proceed efficiently.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To gain a thorough understanding of market motivations and barriers for existing commercial buildings.
  • To identify the most productive paradigms for further research and Market Transformation programs in this area.
  • To establish priorities for future research and programs.

Discussion Groups:

  • What additional research is needed to understand Market Transformation opportunities in existing commercial buildings?
  • Do the existing paradigms in this area make sense?
  • What are the priorities for action in this area?



Steven Nadel, The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
Decision-Making in Existing Commercial Buildings: The Conte

Sandy Smith,
Decision-Making in Organizations: The Context

Presenter: John Reed,
Decision-Making and Market Segments in the Commercial Building Sector
Presenter: Skip Schick,
Target Market Strategy for Transforming Business Practices
Presenter: Robert Sauchelli,
ENERGY STAR® Commercial Real Estate Market
Presenter: Mark Jewell,
Winning the Energy-Efficiency Game: A 5-Stage Approach to Better Decision-Making
Presenter: Rick Kunkle & Loren Lutzenhiser
What We Know and Don't Know About Decision-Making in Existing Commercial Building Markets