Energy and Economic Policy Models

Energy and Economic Policy Models

A Re-examination of Some Fundamental Issues

University of California, Washington Center
Washington, DC
November 16, 2006 to November 17, 2006

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and the University of California hosted a two-day workshop, titled "Energy and Economic Policy Models: A Re-examination of Some Fundamental Issues." The focus of the workshop was on the current state of energy modeling for policy analysis, including shortcomings and possible solutions.

The event brought together about 50 experts in the field of economics and policy modeling who examined a number of topics, asking whether economics was necessarily the right language to explore things like climate change policy; and then suggesting ways to improve technology characterization in both energy and climate policy models.

This kick-off event is the first in a series of efforts sponsored by ACEEE. The agenda, list of participants, and the full set of papers and presentations can be downloaded as noted below. For more information on this effort, contact ACEEE's Senior Economist John A. "Skip" Laitner.

A list of workshop participants and final agenda are available to download.

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Building from First Principles of Good Energy Modeling
Dick Munson Northeast-Midwest Institute
Author of the book, From Edison to Enron
Check out this book at
Discussant: Peter Balash (NETL)
Dick Munson Northeast-Midwest Institute
Improving Prediction of Energy Futures
de la Chesnaye
EPA Climate Economics Branch
"Insights from a Detailed Review of the EMF-21 Multigas Emissions Scenarios" Energy Economics 2006
Discussants: Frank Ackerman (Tufts University) & Donald Hanson (Argonne National Laboratory)
Marvin Horowitz Demand Research
"A National Energy Efficiency Data Center: Removing the Curse of Invisibility"
Discussants: Meredith Fowlie (University of Michigan) and Jim Barrett (Redefining Progress)
Neal Elliott ACEEE
"Importance of Energy Service Demand Representation in the Consideration of Technology Choices in Manufacturing"
Discussants: Samudra Vijay (EPA) & Joel Yudken (High Road Strategies)
Skip Laitner ACEEE
"Toward Improvements in Economic Policy Models"
Discussants: Alan Fawcett (EPA) & Michael Reed (NTEL)
Stephen DeCanio University of California-Santa Barbara
"Is Economics the Wrong Language for Addressing
Climate Policy?"
Discussants: Kristen Sheeran (St. Mary's College of Maryland) and Rachel Cleetus (UCS)
Jayant Sathaye &
Christie Galitsky
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"An Update on Characterizing End-Use Efficiency Technology in the Industrial Sector"
Discussants: Inês Azevado (Carnegie Mellon University) and Duncan Callaway (University of Michigan)
Michelle Manion & Jason Rudokas Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management
"Emissions Reduction as Strategic Investment Decisions: Insights from the NE-MARKAL Model"
Michael Leifman DOE-EERE
"Modeling of Uncertainties in Major Drivers in U.S. Electricity Markets"
John Hoffman Enhanced Turbine Output LLC
"Modeling the Energy System: Creating Evolutionary Models Useful to Evaluating a Full Range of Policies"
Discussant: Eric Williams (Duke University Nicholas Institute)
Benjamin Sovacool Author-Consultant
Co-editor of the Book
(with Marilyn Brown),
Energy and American Society-Thirteen Myths
Discussant: Vanessa McKinney (American University)
Policy Panel: Relevance for Policy Makers and the Public
Niko Dietsch (EPA), Maggie Eldridge (ACEEE), and Scott Hassell (DOE)