Workshop on Valuation of Non-Energy Benefits

Workshop on Valuation of Non-Energy Benefits

Weighing Non-Energy Impacts in Cost-Effectiveness Tests

One Washington Circle Hotel
Washington, DC
July 19, 2007

Sponsored by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
with support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


This workshop was designed to bring together individuals from the energy efficiency and regulatory communities to confront the concern that non-energy impacts are not adequately accounted for in cost-effectiveness tests. The key objective of the workshop was to develop a strategy and work plan for engaging the regulatory community in an effort to develop new or revised methodologies for assessing program cost-effectiveness to account for non-energy impacts.

Agenda, Presentations and Reference Materials

Continental breakfast
9:00 Welcome and Introduction

Recent Experiences in NEI Valuation for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
Presenters will discuss recent efforts to establish the value of non-energy impacts for program participants using the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program as an example.

Lisa Skumatz, Skumatz Economic Research Associates

Reference Materials

Robert Knight, Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc.

NEI Valuation Results for Other Programs
In this session, participants will learn about efforts to value non-energy impacts for other programs using the methodologies discussed above as well as new approaches.

Nick Hall, TecMarket Works

Reference Materials

Brian Atchinson, Dean Zias, and Jennifer Meissner, NYSERDA
10:45 BREAK

Considering Non-Energy Benefits in Cost-Effectiveness Tests
This session will explore how cost-effectiveness tests deal with non-energy impacts with an emphasis on participant benefits. Are tests that incorporate non-energy impacts widely used? How can common tests be modified to account for the value of non-energy impacts? What new approaches are being tried?

Jennifer Thorne Amann, ACEEE

Reference Materials

12:00 LUNCH

Broadening the Scope: Looking at Non-Energy Impacts from the Societal Perspective
Efficiency programs yield non-energy impacts far beyond those realized by program participants. In this session, presenters will discuss the broader economic and environmental impacts of efficiency programs and how the value of these impacts can be assessed and incorporated into regulatory and policy decisions.

William Saxonis, New York Public Service Commission

Reference Materials

Nikolaas Dietsch, U.S. EPA
2:15 BREAK

Strategy Session: Working to Change Cost-Effectiveness Metrics
In this interactive session, participants will work together to develop a strategy and plan of action for engaging the regulatory community on the issue of non-energy impacts. How can we best make the case for greater consideration of non-energy impacts in program evaluation? What, if any, additional research needs to be conducted? What are the primary concerns of regulatory decision makers? Who should we approach and through what venues? ACEEE will write up a work plan based on the results of the discussion.

Initial Questions

3:45 Summary and Wrap-up