2016 ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum

2016 ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum

Newport Marriott
Newport, RI
May 22, 2016 to May 24, 2016

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Energy Efficiency Finance Forum Overview

Achieving Deep Energy Efficiency

The 2016 ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum was held May 22 - 24, 2016 at the Newport Marriott in Newport, Rhode Island.

Energy efficiency has taken on a new level of importance both domestically and internationally. Efficiency has long been a key element in utility resource planning, business competitiveness, and household energy budgets. Now it is slated to play a central role in meeting domestic targets under the Clean Power Plan and international agreements to reduce carbon emissions, both formalized in the last few months. 

Efficiency is widely recognized as a lowest-cost pathway to meet these goals, but in order to bring it to the scale necessary, global investment in efficiency will need to exceed $10 trillion over the next 20 years. The efficiency revolution will be impossible without effective financing options.

For nearly a decade, the Energy Efficiency Finance Forum has brought together practitioners, researchers, energy producers, and consumers to explore innovative models for deploying capital in efficiency markets. Finance Forum participants have a great opportunity to learn about which models are working and why.

Participants Included: Clean-tech and energy efficiency investors; financiers; real estate professionals; CDFIs and other mission-driven lenders; entrepreneurs; utility staff; local, state, and federal agency personnel; energy service company personnel; policymakers; NGOs; energy efficiency program planners, operators, and evaluators; and marketing experts.



Each year, the Finance Forum features over 75 experts presenting on a variety of topics. The 2016 forum featured success stories and presentations on topics including PACE, on-bill financing, serving low-to-moderate income households and multifamily residences, Green Banks, and international energy efficiency finance.



Rhode Island General Treasurer Seth Magaziner

Monday Plenary Keynote Speaker

In his first year as Treasurer, Magaziner championed successful legislation establishing new green infrastructure programs at the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank to put tradesmen and women back to work on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Read more about Treasurer Magaziner here.

Secretary Matthew A. Beaton, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Lunch Keynote Speaker

Secretary Matthew A. Beaton oversees the Commonwealth's six environmental, natural resource and energy regulatory agencies: the Departments of Environmental Protection, Public Utilities, Energy Resources, Conservation & Recreation, Agricultural Resources and Fish & Game. He also serves as Chairman of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, the Energy Facilities Siting Board, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. Read more about Secretary Beaton here.

Judith Greenwald, Deputy Director for Climate, Environment, and Energy Efficiency,
Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis and
Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Climate Change, Department of Energy

Tuesday Plenary Keynote Speaker

As the Deputy Director for Climate, Environment, and Energy Efficiency in the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis, Judith Greenwald oversees technical, economic and policy analysis related to climate mitigation and resilience, environmental protection, and energy efficiency. Ms. Greenwald has over 30 years of experience working on energy and environmental policy. Read more about Ms. Greenwald here.


2016 Energy Efficiency Finance Forum Advisory Committee

Co-Chair: Greg Kats, President, Capital E

Co-Chair: Anmol Vanamali, Financing Strategies Director, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Megan Campbell, Vice President, Opinion Dynamics

Steve Cowell, President, E4TheFuture

Mike Eckhart, Managing Director, Global Head of Environmental Finance and Sustainability, Citigroup

Steve Fawkes, Founder and Principal, EnergyPro Ltd

Alfred Griffin, President, NY Green Bank

Carol Mulholland, Manager, Deloitte

Clay Nesler, Vice President, Global Energy and Sustainability, Johnson Controls

Brendan Owens, Chief of Engineering, US Green Building Council

Mary Ann Piette, Staff Scientist and Director, Building Technology & Urban Systems Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Brenna Walraven, President and Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Sustainability Strategies, Inc.

Stockton Williams, Executive Director, Urban Land Institute Terwilliger Center for Housing



Monday, May 23 | Tuesday, May 24

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Monday, May 23



Anmol Vanamali, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation                                      

Jim Barrett, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy


Keynote Address: Welcome to Rhode Island

Seth Magaziner, Rhode Island General Treasurer


Plenary Session: The Green Bank Movement: Public-Private Partnerships to Accelerate Energy Efficiency

Moderator: Jeff Schub, Coalition for Green Capital

Jeff Diehl, Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank

Bryan Garcia, Connecticut Green Bank

Mary Templeton, Michigan Saves


1A: State of the Market and Traditional Financing Mechanisms in the Residential Sector

Moderator: Matthew Brown, Harcourt Brown & Carey

Megan Campbell, Opinion Dynamics             

Trey Muffet, Renew Financial


1B: State of the Market and Traditional Financing Mechanisms in the Commercial Sector

Moderator: Clay Nesler, Johnson Controls

Joe Indvik, JDM Associates & Rock Creek Consulting

Leonard Kolstad, Institute for Market Transformation

Susan Leeds, New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation


1C: State of the Market and Traditional Financing Mechanisms in the Multifamily Sector

Moderator: Tom Osdoba, Enterprise Community Partners

Darien Crimmin, Winn Development

Abigail Corso, Elevate Energy


1D: State of the Market and Traditional Financing Mechanisms in the MUSH Sector

Moderators: Donald Gilligan, National Association of Energy Service Companies, and Renee Piche, Municipal Lease Consultants

Jeff Broadhead, Partnership for Rhode Island Streetlights Management

Larry Mancini, City of Providence

Alan Sepe, City of Providence

George Woodbury, Lightsmart Consulting


Lunch Keynote Address

Matthew A. Beaton, Secretary, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs of Massachusetts


2A: Utility Residential Solutions and How to Achieve Them

Moderator: Dave Carey, Harcourt Brown & Carey

Monica Curtis, WECC

Bruce Grossman, Southern Jersey Gas

James Siegel, Eversource

Peter Thompson, Pacific Gas and Electric Company


2B: Leases and Services in the Energy Efficiency Market

Moderator: Pier LaFarge, SparkFund

Joshua Paradise, GE Current

Josh Patton, Ascentium


2C: PACE Success in Not-for-Profit and Multifamily

Bracken Hendricks, Urban Ingenuity

Mark Thielking, Energize NY


2D: Schools and Hospitals: Success Stories from the MUSH Sector

Donald Drohan, Metrus Energy

Scott Kuhn, Sterling National Bank


3A: Residential PACE: Key Drivers for Success and Expansion

Moderator: Kerry O’Neill, Connecticut Green Bank

Laura James, Cadmus

Gabe Maser, Renovate America

Cliff Staton, Renew Financial


3B: Solar Success Sheds Light on Energy Efficiency Finance for SMEs

Moderator: Adam Procell, Lime Energy

Maria Fields, Joule Assets

Matt Golden, Environmental Defense Fund


3C: Multifamily On-Bill Success Stories

Moderator: Matthew Brown, Harcourt Brown & Carey

Josh Patton, Ascentium

Brigid Ryan, Emerald Cities Collaborative

James Wheaton, Community Investment Corporation


3D: Innovations in Municipal Energy Efficiency Financing

Moderator: Dave Carey, Harcourt Brown & Carey

Katrina Tadic, Osram Sylvania

Mark White, Bostonia Partners


Tuesday, May 24


Co-chair welcome: Greg Kats, Capital E


Keynote Address: The Quadrennial Energy Review

Judith Greenwald, Deputy Director for Climate, Environment, and Energy Efficiency, Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis and 
Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Climate Change, Department of Energy


Plenary Session: The State of PACE

Moderator: David Gabrielson, PACENation

Andrew Zech, Greenworks Lending

Cisco DeVries, Renew Financial

John Kinney, Clean Fund

Louis LaLonde, Ygrene Energy Fund


4A: Residential On-Bill

Moderator: Peter Adamczyk, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Frank Spasaro, SoCalGas

Peter Weeks, Clean Energy Works


4B: State CPACE Success Stories from California, Colorado, Connecticut, Missouri, and Utah

Moderator: Sam Cramer, National Governors Association Center for Best Practices

Mackey Dykes, Connecticut Green Bank

Sandy Fazeli, National Association of State Energy Officials

Andrew S. Levin, Lean & Green Michigan            

Kristy Manning, Missouri Division of Energy


4C: Financial Product Innovation: Maturing Products and Growing Demand

Moderator: Jeffrey King, Clean Economy Development Center

Jeffrey Greenberger, Affordable Community Energy

Andy Holzhauser, Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

Jeremy Kalin, Eutectics


4D: Partnering for Success: The Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank as a Resource for Achieving Higher Goals

Moderator: Chris Kramer, Energy Futures Group

Abigail Anthony, Acadia Center and RI Energy Efficiency and Resource Management Council

Michael Baer, Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank  

Jerry Drummond, National Grid

Alex Hill, Dunsky Consulting

Michael McAteer, National Grid

Rachel Sholly, Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources


Lunch Co-chair Address

Greg Kats, Capital E


5A: Achieving Deep Energy Efficiency by Reaching Underserved Markets through Financing and Marketing Innovation

Moderator: Shaun O’Neill, Concord Service Corporation

Rick Counihan, NestLabs

Chris Kramer, Energy Futures Group

Brian Pine, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation


5B: Green Bonds

Moderator: Joel Freehling, CB&I

Laura Franke, Public Financial Management, Inc.

Bert Hunter, Connecticut Green Bank

Urvi Mehta, The World Bank


5C: We Can’t Go it Alone: Interagency Partnerships are Critical to Achieving Deeper Energy Improvements in Affordable Multifamily Housing

Moderator: Lauren Ross, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Enoch Lenge, Eversource

Todd Nedwick, National Housing Trust

Colette Slover, Connecticut Department of Housing

Marcus Smith, Connecticut Housing Finance Authority 

Kim Stevenson, Connecticut Green Bank


5D:  International Energy Efficiency Financing

Moderator: Steve Fawkes, EnergyPro Ltd.

Jerome Bilodeau, Dunsky Energy Consulting

Adrien Bullier, Intelligent Energy Europe and Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Programmes

John MacLean, Energy Efficiency Finance Corporation   

Ashok Sarkar, The World Bank

Nicholas Stancioff, Funding for Future


6A: Moving Energy Efficiency Loans to the Off-Bill Service

Moderator: Elizabeth Moore, TVA Energy Right Solutions

Matt Ewing, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance

Frank Rapley, TVA Energy Right Solutions


6B: The National Energy Efficiency Registry

Moderator: Pat Stanton, E4TheFuture

Mark Barnett, Foley Hoag LLP

Rich Fusco, Joule Assets

Chani Vines, Renovate America


6C: Financing and Investment Strategies for Carbon Reduction

Moderator: Sandy Fazeli, National Association of State Energy Officials

Matthew Brown, Harcourt Brown & Carey

Anna Pavlova, Schneider Electric

David (Max) Williamson, Williamson Law + Policy


6D: Innovative Pathways to a Green Bank

Moderator: Annie Gilleo, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Jeremy Kalin, Eutectics

Carol Rosenfeld, Environmental Finance Center

Michele Vigen, Montgomery County Green Bank