2016 ACEEE Intelligent Efficiency Conference

2016 ACEEE Intelligent Efficiency Conference

Lessons from the Field, Vision to the Future

Hilton Austin
Austin, TX
December 04, 2016 to December 06, 2016

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Intelligent Efficiency Conference Overview

Intelligent efficiency holds the promise of substantially reducing energy use while transforming many energy-using markets. Achieving this outcome requires collaboration among the efficiency, technology, and user communities. These communities are largely distinct, and few opportunities have existed to date for the energy efficiency and technology communities to interact. Past interactions have been limited to speakers from one community addressing assemblies of the other.

The 2016 Intelligent Efficiency Conference brought together individuals from the IT, telecom, energy efficiency, utility, solution provider, and policy sectors to share and learn how information and communications technology (ICT) can improve the use of energy. The conference featured speakers, plenaries, and over a dozen breakout sessions. The theme of the 2016 conference was “Lessons from the field, Vision to the future”. With this in mind, the breakout session speakers shared case studies and field results while featured speakers shared insights into how such results provide a glimpse into the future.

Sessions focused on the policies, programs, and practices that are changing and improving as a result of the application of ICT. The Trading Space session provided innovators in search of partners, researchers in search of data, and vendors in search of clients a chance to describe their work, make their pitches and invite participation. 

Attendees learned, and participated in, discussions on smart buildings, smart cities, integrated mobility, energy efficiency program design, customer engagement, project and program evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V), and the integration and load balancing of distributed energy resources into the electric grid. The 2016 conference featured insights from local and state policy stakeholders about how Texas is and can embrace intelligent efficiency.

Participants Included: Energy efficiency program developers and administrators, state and local government policymakers, staff, and associations, chief technology officers and chief information officers, service providers, investors, entrepreneurs, hardware and software developers, ICT solution providers, building automation providers, and smart manufacturing, smart transportation, smart buildings, and smart cities leaders.

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Program and Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

James L. Connaughton, President and CEO, Nautilus Data Technologies

James L. Connaughton is a nationally prominent energy, environment, technology expert, as both corporate leader and White House policymaker. He has creatively developed market-based solutions to some of the world’s most significant challenges – deploying innovative technology that saves money and reduces environmental impact. Read more about James' experience here.

Plenaries and breakout sessions covered how intelligent efficiency is changing:

  • Energy efficiency program design and execution

  • Utility regulation and state and local policies

  • Grid integration of distributed energy resources

  • Local government services to community residents

  • Evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V)

  • Data analytics to identify opportunities and track savings



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Monday Presentations | Tuesday Presentations

Monday, December 5

Welcome and Introductions

Steve Nadel, Executive Director, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Ethan Rogers, Industry Program Director, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Keynote Address:  Using Information and Communications Technologies to Advance Global Causes

James L. Connaughton, President and CEO, Nautilus Data Technologies


Plenary Session: Intelligent Efficiency Policy Insights

Moderator: Maggie Molina, Utilities, State, and Local Policy Director, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy    

Robert King, CEO, South-central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource

Lena Hansen, Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute

Jeff Harris, Chief Transformation Officer, Northeast Energy Efficiency Alliance


Panel Discussion: Research on Intelligent Efficiency at University Energy Centers in Texas

Moderator: Ethan Rogers, Industry Program Director, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy           

Juan Gomez, Interim Center Director, University of Texas, San Antonio, Sustainable Energy Institute

Dean Schneider, Director for Manufacturing Operations, Texas A&M University, Engineering Experiment    Station

Brewster McCraken, President and CEO, Pecan Street, Inc.

Dave Claridge, Director of Energy System Laboratory, Texas A&M University, Engineering Experiment Station

Session 1A: Enabling the Virtual Power Plant

Moderators: Marc Collins, DNV GL and Raymond Kaiser, Amzur Technologies

Conrad Eustis, Portland General Electric Company

Matthew Bye, Trane (Ingersoll Rand)

Andrew Machado, Cadmus


Session 1B: The Opportunities and Realities of Home Energy Management Systems

Moderator: Claire Miziolek, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Kari Binley, Pacific Gas & Electric Company             

Claire Miziolek, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Bryan Urban, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems


Session 1C: How Good and Big is ICT-Enabled EM&V Going to Be?

Moderator: Pierre van der Merwe, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Chris Baker, Arizona Public Service

Tim Guiterman, EnergySavvy

Ethan Goldman, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation


Session 1D: Topical Discussion Group


Session 2A: Unlocking Near-Term Load Potential with ICT

Moderators: Marc Collins, DNV GL and Raymond Kaiser, Amzur Technologies

Charlie Richardson, Franklin Energy Services

Claire Miziolek, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Teja Kuruganti, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Session 2B: Using ICT in C&I Programs

Moderator: Richard Tonielli, Commonwealth Edison Company

Tanya Crenshaw, Cascade Energy

Stephen Brooks, Bonneville Power Administration

Virginia Hewitt, SparkFund

Steve Martin, Cascade Energy


Session 2C: Collection, Analysis and Visualization of Data

Moderator: Dan Brown, Cascade Energy

Courtney Weber, Chicago Bridge & Iron    

Reshma Singh, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

David Cohen, Center for Sustainable Energy


Session 2D: Integrating Electric, Gas, and Water Utility Goals

Moderator: Claude Godin, DNV GL

Jamie Peters, EnergySavvy

Laci Videmsky, Dropcountr

Jeff Perkins, ERS, Inc.

Trading Space I

Tim Guiterman, EnergySavvy

Margaret Hirl, Agilis Energy

Claire Miziolek, NEEP

Michael Serour, Verdant


Tuesday, December 6


Plenary Session: Intelligent Efficiency – It’s Different in Texas

Moderator: Alison Silverstein, Alison Silverstein Consulting                    

Kenan Ogelman, Electric Reliability Council of Texas

Tim Carter, MP2 Energy

Suzanne Bertin, Texas Advance Energy Business Alliance


Concurrent I: Building a Smarter City

Moderator: Alexandria McBride, ITI

Karl Popham, Austin Energy

Anna J. Siefken, Carnegie Mellon University

Josh Sperling, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Concurrent II: Utilizing Intelligent Efficiency to Achieve Environmental Goals

Moderator: Carmen Henrikson, TRC

Marina Badoian-Kriticos, Institute for Market Transformation

Brad Davis, Nest

Scott McClintock, FirstFuel

Alok Singh, Southern California Edison


Session 3A: Integrating Nanogrids and Micogrids into the Modern Grid

Moderators: Raymont Kaiser, Amzur Technologies and Marc Collins, DNV GL

Michael Starke, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Lisa Martin, Austin Energy

Kurt Roth, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems


Session 3B:  Breaking Down Silos with Residential Tech

Moderator: Jamie Peters, EnergySavvy

Claude Godin, DNV GL

Garry Jones, Oncor Electric Delivery Company

Jamie Howland, Acadia Center


Session 3C: Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Andrew Machado, Cadmus

Jasmine Rivest, Efficiency Vermont

Trevor Terrill, Texas A&M University

Michael Serour, Verdant


Session 3D: New Approaches to ICT Protocols and Policies

Moderator: Andrew Stryker, DNV GL

Stephen Harper, Intel

Brad Jones, Cadmus


Trading Space II

Scott McClintock, FirstFuel

Mike Myser, ESP by Energy Platforms

Hal Nelson, Res-Intel Software

Danny Parker, University of Central Florida

Jamie Peters, EnergySavvy

Ethan Rogers, ACEEE

Luke Scheidler, Itron

Suzanne Watson, ACEEE