2017 ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum

2017 ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum

Fairmont Chicago
Chicago, IL
May 21, 2017 to May 23, 2017

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Energy Efficiency Finance Forum Overview

How do you finance energy efficiency? The 2017 Finance Forum explored innovative models and find out what works, and why. Our dynamic event helped attendees get started on financing projects that save energy, reduce costs, and create jobs.

We want you to succeed, because the energy efficiency revolution will be impossible without effective financing options. Energy Efficiency financing is already a multi-billion dollar industry, but it has the potential to become hundreds of billions of dollars.

For more than a decade, the Finance Forum has brought together a diverse mix of participants.

Participants included: Clean-tech and energy efficiency investors; financiers; real estate professionals; CDFIs and other mission-driven lenders; entrepreneurs; utility staff; local, state, and federal agency personnel; energy service company personnel; policymakers; NGOs; energy efficiency program planners, operators, and evaluators; and marketing experts.

2017 Co-Chairs

                                Joel Freehling, CB&I                    Anmol Vanamali, VEIC

                                          Click here for Joel's bio.                          Click here for Anmol's bio.

2017 Advisory Committee

Scott Bernstein Center for Neighborhood Technologies
Matthew Brown Harcourt, Brown, & Carey
Megan Campbell   Opinion Dynamics
Sandy Fazeli National Association of State Energy Officials
Maria Fields Joule Assets
Julia Friedman Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Alfred Gaspari Pacific Gas and Electric Company 
Bert Hunter Connecticut Green Bank
Robert Johnson Hannon Armstrong
Chris Kramer Energy Futures Group
Molly Lunn Illinois Office of Energy & Recycling
Jeffrey Schub Coalition for Green Capital
Jim Wheaton BLG Consulting


Jeffrey Eckel is President, CEO and Chairman of Hannon Armstrong, the first clean energy REIT and a leading investor in sustainable infrastructure assets including efficiency and renewable energy. Read more about Mr. Eckel's experience here

Charles Hookham, P.E., is Director, Business Development and Projects of CMS Energy (Consumers Energy and CMS Enterprises), and has over 36 years of experience in the electric power and other heavy industrial sectors, and was on the American Society of Civil Engineer's Board of Directors. Read more about Mr. Hookham's experience here.

Chris Wheat serves as Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Chris coordinates policies, projects, and operations across City Departments and Agencies to advance the Mayor’s sustainability agenda. Read more about Mr. Wheat's experience here.


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Monday Presentations | Tuesday Presentations


Monday, May 22


Welcome, Keynote and Plenary Session

Introductions: Steven Nadel, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Co-chair welcome: Anmol Vanamali, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation


Keynote Address

Jeffrey Eckel, President, CEO, and Chairman, Hannon Armstrong


Plenary Panel: The Future of Energy Efficiency Financing

Moderator: Scott Bernstein, Center for Neighborhood Technologies

Amy Brusiloff, Bank of America

Sandy Fazeli, National Association of State Energy Officials

Daniel A. Seligman, Ceres, Inc.

Karen Zelmar, Pacific Gas and Electric Company


Session 1A: On-Bill in the Field

Moderator: Matthew Brown, Harcourt, Brown and Carey LLC

Tammy Agard, EEtility                                                               

Wesley Holmes, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

Anne Saliers, Holland (MI) Board of Public Works

Mary Templeton, Michigan Saves


Session 1B: Fundraising Sources and Investment Decisions

Moderator: Jeffrey Schub, Coalition for Green Capital

Bert Hunter, Connecticut Green Bank

Susan Leeds, New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation

Bonnie Norman, E3International


Session 1C: Commercial Market Insights for Energy Efficiency Financing

Moderator: Megan Campbell, Opinion Dynamics Corporation

Jérôme Bilodeau, Dunsky Energy Consulting

Joe Indvik, JDM Associates

Greg Leventis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Session 1D: Emerging Financing Opportunities in the Midwest (Midwest track)

Moderator: Ian Adams, Clean Energy Trust

Jon Carson, Trajectory Energy

Donald Drohan, Metrus Energy

Julia Friedman, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance


Session 2A: New Construction: Performance Contracting and Energy Efficiency Financing

Moderator: Frank Greb, SeventhWave

Michael Tobin, CBRE

Beau Engman, PACE Equity

Brett Bridgeland, Seventhwave (in place of Jean Ascoli, ComEd)


Session 2B: The Role of CDFIs in Energy Efficiency Finance

Moderator: Amy Brusiloff, Bank of America

Roger Clark, Reinvestment Fund

Sadie McKeown, Community Preservation Corporation

Esther Toporovsky, Enterprise Community Partners

Stacie Young, Community Investment Corporation


Session 2C: Leveraging Utility Rebate Programs to Reach Small and Medium Commercial Customers

Moderator: Matthew Brown, Harcourt Brown & Carey LLC

Alex Hill, Dunsky Energy Consulting

Stephen Moritz, Encentiv Energy

Andrew Nih, Southern California Gas Company

Julie Volpe-Walker, AEP Ohio


Session 2D: Overcoming Barriers to Energy Efficiency Finance in Rural America (Midwest track)

Moderator: Will Baker, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Tammy Agard, EEtility

Wesley Holmes, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

Miguel Yanez, Environmental and Energy Study Institute


Keynote Address

Charles Hookham, Director, Business Development and Projects, CMS Energy


Plenary Panel: Financing Efficiency to Reduce Infrastructure Investment Costs ‒ The Trump Private Sector Financing Plan

Moderator: Chris Kramer, Energy Futures Group

Kateri Callahan, Alliance to Save Energy

Charles Hookham, CMS Energy

Derek Okada, Southern California Edison



Tuesday, May 23


Keynote and Plenary Session

Introductions: Steven Nadel, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Co-chair welcome: Joel Freehling, Chicago Bridge & Iron


Keynote Address

Chris Wheat, Office of the Mayor City of Chicago


Plenary Panel:  Philanthropic Investing

Moderator: Kim Dempsey, The Kresge Foundation

Peter Adamczyk, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Allison Clark, The MacArthur Foundation

Alison Corwin, The Surdna Foundation

Benjamin Healey, The Connecticut Green Bank


Session 3A: Financing Energy Resilience

Moderator:  Aaron Koch, City of Chicago

Joel Freehling, Chicago Bridge & Iron

Mark Goodson, Chicago Bridge & Iron

Ann Grodnik-Nagle, Chicago Bridge & Iron       


Session 3B: Advancing PACE Financing with Regional & Statewide Administrators

Moderator: Chris Jones, Cincinnati Greater Energy Alliance

George Caraghiaur, PACENation (Additional slides)

Andy Levin, Lean & Green Michigan


Session 3C:  The Role of Utilities, ESCOs and Financers in the Transportation Revolution

Moderator: Bethany Whitaker, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Samantha Bingham, Drive Clean Chicago

Marc Manning, Chicago Transit Authority

Jeff Monder, Green Mountain Power (Contact Jeff for information about his presentation)

Alan Westenskow, Proterra


Session 3D: From Model to Mainstream: The Evolution of Multifamily Retrofit Financing in Chicago

Moderator: Julia Friedman, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Anne Evens, Elevate Energy

John Markowski, Community Investment Corporation


Concurrent I: The Role of Financing in State Efficiency Target Setting and Potential Studies

Moderator: Alex Hill, Dunsky Energy Consulting

Chris Kramer, Energy Futures Group

Nicole Reed Fry, Navigant


Concurrent II: Efficiency Financing for Low and Moderate-Income (LMI) Households: Current State of the Market, Issues, and Opportunities

Moderator: Sean Williamson, US Department of Energy

Elizabeth Galante, PosiGen Solar Solutions

Greg Leventis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Bruce Schlein, Citi


Concurrent III: Deep Retrofits without Incentives or Death Spirals: Exploring the Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure (MEETS™)

Moderator: Rob Harmon, MEETS™

Rob Harmon, MEETS ™  

Ian Guerry, Ecova

Joseph Fernandi, Seattle City Light


Concurrent IV: Project Finance in Energy Efficiency Pay for Performance and Procurement

Moderator: Colin Gibbs, CLEAResult

Matt Golden, Open EE Meter

Dan Kartzman, NYSERDA

Noah Proser, Pacific Gas and Electric Company