2018 Hot Water Forum

2018 Hot Water Forum

Hilton Portland Downtown
Portland, OR
March 20, 2018 to March 22, 2018

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Hot Water Forum Overview

ACEEE’s Hot Water Forum is the only technical conference about efficiently making, distributing, and using hot water, regardless of its source. Since 2008, the Hot Water Forum has brought together experts and novices from manufacturing, distribution (plumbing), electricity, gas and water utilities, government, and the research community to learn from each other and build momentum for market transformation. The Forum features two full days of sessions presented by experts in the field on cutting-edge development in these areas.

At this year's forum, over 250 participants had the opportunity to meet, share ideas, and learn from each other's latest efforts on research, new water heating technologies, structured plumbing approaches, new demand-reduction devices (e.g., fixtures and water-efficient appliances), and programs for stimulating market uptake of new approaches. 

Participants Included: Equipment and component manufacturers; water, gas, and electric utilities; local, state, and federal agency personnel; energy efficiency program planners, operators, and evaluators; plumbers and installers; policymakers; NGOs; and consultants.



2018 Program Highlights

  • Pre-conference enhanced hands-on demonstration day at the United Association Local 290 Plumbers and Steamfitters training facility.

  • Welcome networking reception for attendees and local plumbers and installers

  • A 2-hour Drain Water Heat Recovery training session that allowed participants to earn 2 AIA / GBCI Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

  • New breakout sessions on regulatory changes, smart controls, and workforce training

  • Plenary panel discussion on grid-connected water heater criteria introducing the concept of grid-connected water heaters, how it affects utilities and consumers, and predictions for the future. Hear from representatives from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and otherd


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Wednesday, March 21

ACEEE Welcome and Introductions:  Chris Perry, American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy

Welcome from Co-hosts: Joshua Green, A.O. Smith and  Karen Meyers, Rheem

​Plenary Panel: Perspectives on the Potential Opportunities for Connected Water Heating

Panelists:  Chuck Thomas, Electric Power Research Institute; Aykut Yilmaz, Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute; Alice Rosenberg, Consortium for Energy Efficiency


1A. The Connected Future: Policy, Theory, and Infrastructure for Getting to Scale

Moderators: Sarah Widder, Cadeo Group and Alexi Miller, New Buildings Institute

​Presenters:  Alexi Miller, New Buildings Institute; Jennifer McWilliams​, DNV GL; Ram Narayanamurthy, Electric Power Research Institute


1B. Verification and Validation of Hot Water System Simulations

Moderator:  Jennifer Amann, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Presenters: Jim Lutz, Hot Water Research; Ben Larson, Ecotope; Jeff Maguire, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US Department of Energy


1C. Large Scale Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters in Multifamily Buildings

Moderator:  Janice Peterson, Bonneville Power Administration

Presenters: Shawn Oram​, Ecotope; Nick Dirr, Association for Energy Affordability; Sean Armstrong, Redwood Energy


1D. Navigting a Sea of Change: How Utilities are Addressing the Evolving Water Heater Market

Moderator:  Jake Marin, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Presenters: Howard Merson, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation; George Chapman, Consortium for Energy Efficiency


2A. Technology Developments: Grid-Connected Heat Pump Water Heaters

Moderator:  Ben Larson, Ecotope

Presenters: Peter Grant, Frontier Energy; Pierre Delforge​, Natural Resources Defense Council


2B. The Latest in CO2 Heat Pump Research

Moderator: Charlie Stephens, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Presenters: Cheryn Metzger, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Steve Groves, Fortis BC; Ken Eklund​, Washington State University; Charlie Stephens, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance


2C. Changes in Residential Hot Water Use and Opportunities for Savings

Moderators: Sarah Widder, Cadeo Group and Bonnie Watson, Bonneville Power Administration

Presenters: Sarah Widder​, Cadeo Group and Bonnie Watson, Bonneville Power Administration; Jim Lutz, Hot Water Research, Alan Work, Evolve Technologies; Gary Klein, Gary Klein Associates


2D. Developments in Water Heating Policy and Regulations

Moderator: Misty Guard, Bradley Corporation

Presenters: Anurag Mantha​, Virginia Tech; Alexi Miller, New Buildings Institute; Larry Weingarten, Consultant


3A. The Consumer Experience: Findings from the Field of Connected Pilots

Presenters: Conrad Eustis, Portland General Electric; Philip Kelsven, Bonneville Power Administration; George Gurlaskie, Duke Energy


3B. The Future of Solar Water Heaters

Moderator: Larry Weingarten, Consultant

Presenters: Shawn Martin, Solar Rating and Certification Corporation; Pauline Guntlow​, Brookside Construction; Babak Hamzavy, Southern Research


3C. Commercial and Industrial Applications of High Efficiency Gas Water Heating - Part I

Moderator: Rick Hodges, Northwest Natural

Presenters: Michael Garrabrant, SMTI; Paul Glanville, Gas Technology Institute; Sandeep Alavandi and David Cygan, Gas Technology Institute


3D. Three Perspectives on Net Zero

Moderator: Bryce Yonker​, Smart Grid Northwest

Presenters: Jon Irwin, Sustainable Energy Products Australia; Peter Said, Tryden Energy; Gary Klein, Gary Klein Associates


INFORMAL EVENING SESSION: Beneficial Electrification: The Need to Re-Focus on Emissions Efficiency

Moderator:  Steve Koep, Westinghouse Water Heating

Presenters:  Keith Dennis, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association; Jim Lazar, The Regulatory Assistance Project


Thursday, March 22

4A. Developments in Gas Heat Pump Water Heaters

Moderator: Aaron Winer, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Presenters: Michael Garrabrant​, SMTI; Kyle Gluesenkamp, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Paul Glanville, Gas Technology Institute


4B. Designing Hot Water Distribution, Delivery, and Plumbing Systems

Moderator: Jim Lutz, Hot Water Research

Presenters: Dan Cole, International Association of Plumbers and Mechanical Officials; Tania Ullah, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US Department of Commerce; Toritseju Omaghomi, University of Cincinnati


4C. Field Monitoring of End-Use Fixtures and Equipment in Commercial Kitchens

Moderator: Don Fisher, Fisher Consultants

Presenters: Amin Delagah, Frontier Energy, Inc.; Michael Slater, Frontier Energy


4D. Promoting Water Heating through Midstream Programs

Moderator: Alice Rosenberg, Consortium on Energy Efficiency

Presenters: Allison Robinson​, Cadmus; Lisa Boba, The United Illuminating Company; Jill Reynolds, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance


5A. Technology Developments: Grid-Connected Controls, Monitoring, and Retrofits

Moderator: Steven Koep​, Westinghouse Water Heating

Presenters: Paul Steffes, Steffes Corporation; Matt Carlson, Aquanta, Inc.; Kit Hagen, Nationwide Energy Partners


5B. Heat Pump Water Heaters and the Last Mile: Installation, Implementation, and Answers to Lingering Questions

Moderator: Sara Widder​, Cadeo Group

Presenters: Josh Butzbaugh​, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Sarah Widder and Cheryn Metzger, Pacific Northwest National Laborator; Ben Larson, Ecotope, Bruce Manclark, CLEAResult


​5C. Advanced Gas Water Heating for Multifamily Buildings: Cutting-Edge Boilers and Heat Pumps

Moderator: Holly Braun, Northwest Natural

Presenters: Dave Kalensky​, Gas Technology Institute; Ekaterina Tzekova​, The Atmospheric Fund; Nicole Ceci, Steven Winter Associates


5D. Legionella and Other Microorganisms

Moderator: Jim Lutz, Hot Water Research

Presenters: Tim Keane, Legionella Risk Management, Inc.; Tiong Gim Aw, Tulane University; Rebekah Martin, Virginia Tech University; Chris Harder, Spartan Bioscience


6A. Smart Controls for Efficient Hot Water Generation and Distribution

Moderator: Ben Schoenbauer​, Consortium for Energy and Environment

Presenters: David Kalensky​, Gas Technology Institute and Ben Schoenbauer​, Consortium for Energy and Environment; Larry Acker, ACT D'MAND Kontrols Systems; Neil Donnelly, New Ecology, Inc.


6B. HERSH2O Capturing Energy and Water Use in Hot Water Systems

Moderator: Chris Perry, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Presenters: Gary Klein, Gary Klein Associates; Jonah Schein, US Environmental Protection Agency


6C. Commercial and Industrial Applications of High Efficiency Gas Water Heating – Part II

Moderator: Paul Glanville​, Gas Technology Institute

Presenters: Brandon Conheim​, DC Sustainable Energy Utility; Sandeep Alavandi​, Gas Technology Institute; Joe Shiau, Southern California Gas


6D. Do We Need Hot Water for Handwashing?

Moderator: Jim Lutz, Hot Water Research

Presenters: Duane Jonlin​, City of Seattle; Tim Keane, Legionella Risk Management, Inc.


7A. Technology Developments: Grid-Connected Electric Resistance Water Heaters

Moderator: Keith Dennis, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Presenters: Jim Lazar, Regulatory Assistance Project; Keith Dennis, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association; Paul SteffesSteffes Corporation; Amy Bryan, Jackson EMC; Steven Koep​, Westinghouse Water Heating


7B. What are the Best Approaches for the Combi Systems?

Moderator: Peter Grant, Frontier Energy

Presenters: Ben Schoenbauer​, Center for Energy and Environment; Dave Kalensky and Tim Kingston, GasTechnology Institute; Thomas Butcher, Brookhaven National Laboratory


7C. Final Results from Demonstration of Hot Water Systems in Commercial Kitchens for California Energy Commission

Moderator: Amin Delagah, Frontier Energy

Presenters: Michael Slater, Frontier Energy; Don Fisher, Fisher Consultants; Eddie Huestis​, Pacific Gas and Electric Applied Technology Services


7D. Solar Hot Water for a Cooler Climate: Massachusetts Campaigns for the Municipal and Residential Sectors

Moderator: Alice Rosenberg, Consortium for Energy and Environment

Presenters: Cammy Peterson, Metropolitan Area Planning Council; Marcus Gilmore, Center for Sustainable Energy; Jeremy Koo​, Meister Consultants Group