2019 Hot Water Forum

2019 Hot Water Forum

Hilton Nashville Downtown
Nashville, TN
March 11, 2019 to March 13, 2019

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ACEEE held it's annual 2019 Hot Water Forum, where experts shared the latest on technologies and techniques to improve how we make, distribute, and use hot water. In addition to improving water heating efficiency, these new tools can help us respond to the evolving energy paradigm that includes renewable energy and energy storage.

We kicked off this year’s Nashville location by featuring experts in the water heating industry in southern states. They discussed successful water heating technologies as well as the barriers and challenges for installing them in homes and commercial buildings.

Plenary Panelists


Homeowners and building occupants expect to receive a constant supply of hot water for showers, dishwashing, and laundry (and other uses). However, most people don’t realize that water heating water can be a complex and energy-intensive process!

Since 2008, the Hot Water Forum has brought together experts and novices from manufacturing, distribution (plumbing), electricity, gas and water utilities, government, and the research community to learn from each other and build momentum for market transformation. This Forum featured two full days of sessions presented by experts in the field on cutting-edge development. 

Past participants:

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Tuesday, March 12

Plenary Panel: Hot Water Perspectives from the South

We kicked off this year’s forum highlighting our move from the Pacific Northwest by featuring experts in the water heating industry in southern states. These experts discussed the barriers and challenges for implementing energy-efficient water heating technologies in homes and commercial buildings.

Moderator:    Lauren Westmoreland, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

Panelists:       Carlos Colon, Florida Solar Energy Center

                           Shon Richey, Southern Company

                           Mike Barcik, Southface Institute

1A. Commercial Applications of Gas Heat Pump Water Heaters

Moderator:    Paul Glanville, Gas Technology Institute

Performance of Commercial-Sized GHPWHs at a Commercial Laundry Facility

Presenter:     Chris Keinath, Stone Mountain Technology

Demonstration of Pre-Commercial GHPWHs for Hot Water and Air-Conditioning at Full Service Restaurants

Presenter:      Isaac Mahderekal, Gas Technology Institute

Results from a Cold-Climate Gas-Fired Absorption Heat Pump Multifamily Pilot

Presenter:     Paoyun Liu, Enbridge

1B. Are Showerhead and Aerator Savings Tapped Out? The Current and Future Market for Low-Flow Fixtures

Moderator:    Sarah Widder, Cadeo Group

Market Research on Hot Water

Presenters:    Bretnie Eschenbach, Cadeo Group

                          Jonah Hessels, Cadeo Group

Flow Rates for Faucets, Showers, and Tub/Shower Values

Presenter:      Gary Klein, Gary Klein and Associates

Update on WaterSense and Specification Changes for Showerheads and Faucets 

Presenter:     Olga Cano, US Environmental Protection Agency

1C. Heat Recovery for Hot Water Systems

Moderator:    Harvey Sachs, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Drain Water Heat Recovery: Applications and Case Studies

Presenter:     Rod Buchalter, RenewABILITY Energy Inc.

Laboratory Experimentation and Modeling of Installation Slope Impacts on Drain Water Heat Recovery Effectiveness

Presenter:     Peter Grant, Frontier Energy

PIRANHA—Zero Carbon Energy-Efficient Hot Water for Buildings

Presenter:      Lynn Mueller, SHARC Energy Systems Inc.

1D. Water Heaters in Zero Net Energy Applications

Moderator:    Jennifer Amann, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

A Near-ZNE Commercial Building with Swimming Pool Heating Using CHP

Presenter:     Joe Yenshiun Shiau, SoCalGas

Natural Gas Solid Oxide Fuel Cell for Zero Net Energy and Hot Water in Residential Applications

Presenter:      Alejandra Hormaza Mejia, University of California-Irvine

Smart Plumbing and Controls Enable Zero Energy Buildings 

Presenter:      Scott Campbell, ACT Inc. D'MAND KONTROLS


2A. CTA 2045How We Got Here and Where We Are Going

Moderator:    Geoff Wickes, Northwest Energy Alliance

High-level Understanding of CTA 2045, Minimum Command Set and Current Status of CTA 2045

Presenter:     Chuck Thomas, Electric Power Research Institute

Open Standards: Why They Matter and How to Implement Them (CTA-2045, OADR)

Presenter:      Tristan de Frondeville, SkyCentrics

600 CTA 2045 DR Events in 220 Days—What Were the Results and Where Do We Go from Here?

Presenter:     Conrad Eustis, Portland General Electric

2B. Solar Thermal, Integrated Thermal, and PV, Plus a Touch of History

Moderator:    Larry Weingarten, Consultant

A Brief History of Solar and Water Heating

Presenter:     Larry Weingarten, Consultant

Evacuated Tubes Solar Thermal Field Testing in a Low-Income Multifamily Apartment with Integration to a Commercial Building

Presenter:     Joe Yenshiun Shiau, SoCalGas

Hybrid PV/T-HP Solar Hot Water System Design and Economics

Presenter:      Albert Nunez, Capital Sun Group and SunDrum Solar

2C. Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH) in Commercial Applications

Moderator:    Ben Larson, Ecotope

Introduction to Large Scale Heat Pump Water Heaters

Presenter:     Brian Culler, Colmac WaterHeat  

Applications of Commercial Gas Heat Pump Water Heaters in the Northwest

Presenters:    Jeff Rigotti, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

                           Jordan Pratt, Energy 350

Heat Pumps Go Commercial

Presenter:     Bill Hosken, A.O. Smith

2D. Innovative Programs: Where Are We Today?

Moderator:    Josh Butzbaugh, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Efficiency Programs: From Good to Great

Presenter:     Alice Rosenberg, Consortium for Energy Efficiency

The Heat Pump Water Heater Market: What Is Working?

Presenter:     Chris Granda, Appliance Standards Awareness Project

Mystery Shopping for Water Heaters: Market Mechanics Revealed

Presenter:     Brian Booher, D+R International


3A. It’s a Tankless Job

Moderator:    Peter Grant, Frontier Energy

New Gas Tankless Technology and How to Support Trade Ally Uptake

Presenter:     Jeff Rigotti, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Recent Lab Testing of Tankless Units: Evaluating Performance and Reliability

Presenter:      Alex Fridlyand, Gas Technology Institute

Utility Program Successes and Lessons Learned

Presenter:     Kent Crouse, Cascade Natural Gas

3B. Impact of System Design and Water Use on Premise Plumbing Microbiome

Moderator:    Jim Lutz, Hot Water Research

Household Drinking Water is a Source of Clinically Relevant Cystic Fibrosis Opportunistic Bacterial Pathogens

Presenter:     Sarah-Jane Haig, University of Pittsburgh 

Water Stagnation in Premise Plumbing Leads to Predictable Microbiome Responses 

Presenter:     Fangqiong Ling, Washington University - St. Louis  

Premise Plumbing Factors Leading to Mycobacterial Growth in the Greater Philadelphia Region 

Presenter:      Anurag Mantha, Virginia Tech

3C. Opportunities in Commercial Kitchens

Moderator:    Lydia Ruiz, SoCal Gas

Water and Energy Savings with Pumped Rinse Dish Machines

Presenter:     Michael Slater, Frontier Energy

Design Guide for Hot Water Systems in Commercial Food Service

Presenter:     Michael Slater, Frontier Energy

A Commercial Kitchen Hot Water System Retrofit Case Study

Presenter:      Stephen Walmsley, SoCalGas

3D. Innovative Programs for Engagement Strategies

Moderator:    Jill Reynolds, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Contractor Engagement for Training for HPWH Adoption 

Presenter:      Alyson Caiola, United Illuminating

Break Me Off a Piece of That Kit Program: A Comparison of Two Kit Program Delivery Models 

Presenter:      Jordan Folks, Opinion Dynamics

Midstream Models: A Manufacturer’s Perspective

Presenter:     Francois Lebrasseur, A.O. Smith


4A. Refrigerant-Free and Alternative Refrigerant Heat Pump Water Heaters

Moderator:    Brian Fricke, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Refrigerant-Free Heat Pump Water Heaters

Presenter:     Uttam Ghoshal, Sheetak Inc.       

Maximum Efficiency Heat Pump Water Heater Based on Low-GWP Hydrofluoroolefin Refrigerants

Presenter:      Kashif Nawaz, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

CO2 vs. Fluorocarbons: Thermodynamic Comparison of Subcritical and Transcritical Heat Pump Water Heater Efficiency

Presenter:      Kyle Gluesenkamp, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

4B. Designing Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Moderator:    Sara Widder, Cadeo Group

Background and Recent Findings on DHW Re-circ Controls in Multifamily and Commercial Buildings

Presenter:     Nate Baker, Cadeo Group

The Taxonomy of Hot Water Circulation Systems

Presenter:     Gary Klein, Gary Klein Associates

4C. Residential Combined Space/Water Heating Systems

Moderator:     Paul Glanville, Gas Technology Institute

Laboratory Results for Advanced Combi Research

Presenter:     Tim Kingston, Gas Technology Institute

Modeling and Calibrating Combined Space and Water Heating in Residential Applications

Presenter:     Alex Fridlyand, Gas Technology Institute

Design and Development of Low-Cost GHPs for Residential “Combi” Systems

Presenter:     Chris Keinath, Stone Mountain Technologies

Results from the Demonstration of GHP “Combi” Systems in the Upper Midwest

Presenter:     Paul Glanville, Gas Technology Institute

4D. Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies in the Water Heater Market

Moderator:    Aaron Winer, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

The Beneficial Electrification of Water Heating

Presenter:     David Farnsworth, Regulatory Assistance Project

Northwest Pathways to Deep Decarbonization

Presenter:     Holly Braun, NW Natural

Decarbonizing Building Heat Loads at Mass Scale with Gas Absorption Heat Pumps

Presenter:     Scott Reed, Stone Mountain Technologies


5A. Unveiling the Retrofit-Ready Heat Pump Water Heater

Moderator:    Jim Lutz, Hot Water Research

The Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Goals in California: Implications for Water Heaters in Existing Buildings

Presenter:     Panama Bartholomy, Building Decarbonization Coalition

Programmatic Framework Development

Presenter:      Ashley Armstrong, A.O. Smith

Retrofit-Ready HPWH Specification

Presenter:     Ben Larson, Ecotope, Inc.

5B. How Do Plumbing Codes and Guidelines Need to Change to Conserve Water and Improve Quality?

Moderator:    William Healy, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Water Quality, Management, and Systems in the Age of Increased Efficiency

Presenter:     Jonah Schein, US Environmental Protection Agency

Measurement Science Needs for Safe Sustainable Plumbing: Workshop Findings from Key Stakeholders

Presenter:     Tania Ullah, National Institute of Standards and Technology 

Addressing Today’s Water Use Patters in Plumbing Codes and Standards

Presenter:      Hugo Aguilar, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

5C. Multifamily Central Heat Pump Applications and Case Studies

Moderator:    Sean Armstrong, Redwood Energy

State of the Shelf: Central Heat Pump Water Heating Technology Review and Three Case Studies

Presenter:     Shawn Oram, Ecotope

Integrated Heat Pump Water Heaters in Multifamily Buildings

Presenters:    Robb Aldrich, Steven Winter Associates

                          Jesus Pernia, Eversource Energy

5D. Innovative Programs for Midstream Approaches

Moderator:    Kyle Booth, Energy Solutions

Therm Savings with Midstream Programs 

Presenter:     Kyle Coumas, Energy Solutions 

Discussion Panelists:      

Nathan Jutras, US Environmental Protection Agency 

Ryan Crews, Energy Trust of Oregon

Howard Merson, VEIC

Brandon Stepanek, A.O. Smith


6A. Residential Gas Heat Pump Water Heaters—Moving to the Market

Moderator:    Ryan Kerr, Gas Technology Institute

Priming the GHPWH Market

Presenter:     Aaron Winer, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

GHPWHs in California—Field and Laboratory Results

Presenter:      Paul Glanville, Gas Technology Institute

GHPWHs as a Means to Reduce GHG Emissions

Presenter:     Holly Braun, Northwest Natural

6B. How Low Can We Go? How Close Can We Get?  

Discussion Panelists:    

Jim Lutz, Hot Water Research

Gary Klein, Gary Klein and Associates

Yanda Zhang, ZYD Energy

6C. Uses and Considerations for Residential Smart, Grid-Enabled Water Heaters

Moderator:    Christopher Perry, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Grid-enabled Water Heaters: Balancing Social Acceptability, Safety, and Efficiency

Presenter:     Martin Fassier, CaSA Connected Appliances Ltd.

Real-World Validation of Power Balancing Services from Packetized Water Heater Virtual Batteries

Presenter:     Kate Desrochers, Packetized Energy Technologies

Using Machine Learning to Predict Occupant Hot Water Use and Improve HPWH COP

Presenter:      Peter Grant, Frontier Energy

6D. Implications and Considerations from Carbon Reduction Strategies for Water Heaters

Moderator:    Alice Rosenberg, Center for Energy Efficiency

Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations—An Update

Presenter:     David Villarroel, Natural Resources Canada

Carbon Footprint and Levelized Cost Comparison of Gas and Electric Water Heaters

Presenter:      Ferit Ucar, Environmental Defense Fund

Implications of Policy-Driven Residential Electrification for Water Heaters

Presenter:     Rick Murphy, American Gas Association


7A. New Concepts for Heat Pump Water Heaters: Split Units and Alternative Refrigerants

Moderator:       Tania Ullah, National Institute of Standards in Technology 

Challenges in Testing and Rating Split-Unit Water Heaters

Presenter:        William Healy, National Institute of Standards in Technology 

Laboratory Testing of Two Split-Unit Water Heaters: CO2 and R-410a

Presenter:         Ben Larson, Ecotope 

Propane as an Alternative Refrigerant for Heat Pump Water Heating Technology

Presenter         Kashif Nawaz, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

7B. National Laboratory Water Heating Research in Tennessee

Moderator:       Ayyoub Momen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Virtual Storage: Laboratory and Field Evaluations of Grid-Interactive Water Heaters

Presenter:        Jeff Munk, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Semi-Open Sorption Water Heater: Experimental Results and Theory of Operation

Presenter:        Kyle Gluesenkamp, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Characterizing the Impact of Modern Dip-Tubes on Hot Water Tank Stratification with Classical Dimensionless Groupings

Presenter:        Joseph Rendall, Texas A&M and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Optimization of Water Heater Control Strategy to Maximize UEF and FHR

Presenter:        Ahmad Abuheiba, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

7C. Innovative Approaches to Showers and Faucets

Say Hello to a Better Shower!

Presenter:     Alan Work, Evolve Technologies

Cold-Start Function Faucets

Presenter:     Gary Klein, Gary Klein and Associates

7D. Innovative Programs for Demand Response

Moderator:    Conrad Eustis, Portland General Electric  

Residential Natural Gas Demand Response Program Planning Using Connected Water Heaters

Presenter:     Andrew Nih, SoCalGas

HPWH Low-Income Demand Response Pilot

Presenter:     Alysse Rodrigues, United Illuminating

Controlling Load through Water Heaters

Presenter:     Kit Hagen, Armada Power



Steering Committee



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