Queue 'Ask the Experts'

Senior Director for Research
Research Programs: 

Neal Elliott coordinates ACEEE's overall research efforts and leads the Agricultural program. He is an internationally recognized expert and author on energy efficiency, energy efficiency programs and policies, electric motor systems, combined heat and power (CHP) and clean distributed energy, and analysis of energy efficiency and energy markets, plus a frequent speaker at domestic and international conferences. He joined ACEEE in 1993.

  • Industrial energy efficiency technologies, programs and policies
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) and distributed energy
  • Energy markets (including natural gas, oil, coal and electricity)
Buildings Program Director
Research Programs: 

Jennifer Thorne Amann promotes residential and commercial whole building performance improvements, explores behavioral approaches to improving energy efficiency, and analyzes the impacts of stronger appliance efficiency standards. She has authored dozens of publications and articles on appliances, lighting, consumer electronics, equipment installation practices, emerging residential and commercial building technologies, and the progress of market transformation initiatives, among others.

  • Residential energy efficiency
  • Appliances
  • Consumer education and behavior
Transportation Program Director
Research Programs: 

Therese Langer works to improve the efficiency of both vehicles and systems for the movement of passengers and freight. Her current areas of focus include: advancing technologies and policies to improve light- and heavy-duty fuel economy; integrating transportation into greenhouse gas reduction programs at the state and national levels; quantifying the economic impacts of overdependence on oil; expanding the multi-modal goods movement infrastructure; and understanding consumers’ vehicle purchase decisions. She joined ACEEE in 2001.

  • Transportation issues and policy
Senior Director for Policy
Research Programs: 

Maggie Molina is Senior Director of Policy at ACEEE. She oversees federal, state, and local policy work as well as utility regulation.

  • State energy efficiency policies and scorecard
  • State efficiency potential assessments


Ally Program Lead
Research Programs: 

Suzanne currently serves as ACEEE’s lead for its Ally Membership Program. Initiated in 2007, the Ally Program provides a forum for friends and colleagues to help support ACEEE’s important mission and jointly advance the broad vision of an energy-efficient future.

  • National, state and local energy policy
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Clean distributed generation
Utilities, State, and Local Policy Program Fellow
Research Programs: 

Dan York has more than 20 years of experience in researching, analyzing and implementing energy efficiency policies and programs. He is widely recognized for his work tracking and analyzing trends and emerging issues in utility-sector energy efficiency programs. His entire educational and professional experiences have focused on energy efficiency and conservation as the foundations for a sustainable economy. He joined ACEEE in 2001.

Prior to joining ACEEE, Dan was a senior project manager at the Energy Center of Wisconsin.

  • Utility policy and programs
Senior Fellow
Research Programs: 

Martin Kushler directs numerous widely acclaimed national studies of utility sector energy efficiency policies and programs, and provides technical assistance to help advance energy efficiency policies in many states. He has been directing research and evaluation regarding energy efficiency and utilities for three decades, has been widely published, and has provided consultation to numerous states and the federal government. He previously directed the Utilities program for ten years. He joined ACEEE in 1998.

  • Utility policy
  • Regulation and programs
Senior Advisor for Research
Research Programs: 

Shruti Vaidyanathan is Senior Advisor for Research at ACEEE and helps coordinate research efforts organization-wide. She has 10 years’ experience in transportation efficiency issues and her work has most recently focused on improving mobility at the state and local levels and on evaluating the life-cycle emissions of vehicles as lead analyst for ACEEE’s Greenercars.org. In addition to her Transportation expertise, Shruti also leads International research for ACEEE.

  • Transportation efficiency
  • Green vehicle technologies
Manager, Local Policy and Community Strategies
Research Programs: 

Eric Mackres works on local and community energy efficiency initiatives with the Policy Program. He provides technical assistance to communities that are beginning or expanding energy efficiency efforts. In addition, he manages ACEEE research related to local implementation of energy efficiency. 

Prior to joining ACEEE in 2010, Eric worked in environmental organizing with the StatePIRGs in Michigan and on state-wide affordable housing policy in California. His master’s research focused on partnerships for local energy efficiency implementation.

  • Local and community energy policies and programs;
  • Community and economic development planning;
  • Non-energy benefits;
  • Social and behavioral aspects of energy efficiency