ACEEE Webinar on Intelligent Efficiency



R. Neal Elliott, associate director for research, ACEEE; Paul Hamilton, vice president government affairs, North America operations, Schneider Electric; Clay Nesler, vice president, global energy & sustainability, Johnson Controls;  Larry Plumb, executive director, emerging issues and technology policy, Verizon;  Arkadi Gerney, senior director for policy, Opower; and  Stephen Harper, global director, environment, Intel Corporation.


The first major new source of energy to be discovered in years - "intelligent efficiency" - has the potential to dwarf the impact of other older and better-known sources of energy and will be key to providing the power America needs in a carbon-constrained world, according to a major new report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) to be released June 5, 2012, during a live webinar.

Experts from ACEEE and leading U.S. corporations will explain how intelligent efficiency will far outstrip the impact of energy efficiency as it is understood today. The new ACEEE report outlines both what intelligent efficiency is and also provides case studies of how the new energy source is now starting to be used by major corporations.

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