New Edition of ACEEE's Green Book® Identifies Environment-Friendly Cars and Trucks of Model Year 2001

February 8, 2001

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Wendy Koch, 202-507-4753, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Washington, D.C. — The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy today released the fourth edition of its groundbreaking consumer guide, ACEEE's Green Book®: The Environmental Guide to Cars & Trucks — Model Year 2001.

ACEEE's Green Book® is "the only one-stop comprehensive information source on all key aspects of automotive environmental performance," says co-author Jim Kliesch, a Research Assistant with ACEEE's Transportation Program. The book provides a Green Score for every new passenger car, pickup truck, SUV, and minivan sold in the United States. According to Kliesch, "By examining Green Scores for the models they are considering, car buyers can comparison shop with the environment in mind."

ACEEE's Green Book® identifies the "greenest" and "meanest" vehicles of the model year, and examines how recent automotive trends are affecting the environment. Highlights of the new edition include:

  • The Toyota Prius is the nation's first hybrid-electric family sedan and ACEEE's Green Book® provides an in-depth look at the advanced technology that gives this car its superior environmental performance.
  • This year sees extensive nationwide sales of cars and light trucks meeting Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) standards. The Green Book offers sound advice on which of these vehicles are the greenest and how to buy green when shopping for a new automobile.
  • New car/truck "crossover vehicles," such as Chrysler's PT Cruiser and Pontiac's Aztek, offer greater choice in styling and functionality. But are they greener than SUVs?

"The book's ‘Greener Choices 2001' list highlights some of the year's cleanest and most fuel-efficient gasoline cars and trucks on the market," says John DeCicco, Green Book creator and independent consultant. The Greener Choices list shows that consumers have green options throughout the market. "Gasoline engines are steadily improving," notes DeCicco. "In fact, 10 of the 13 ‘Greenest Vehicles of 2001' are gasoline powered." The publication rates both traditional and alternative vehicles according to tailpipe pollution and global warming emissions, as well as by pollution from auto factories and refineries. Along with summary Green Scores, ACEEE's Green Book® details each model's fuel economy, health impacts, annual fuel expenses, and global warming emissions.

The 2001 ‘Green by Design' chapter features in-depth coverage of this year's showcased vehicle, the hybrid-electric Toyota Prius. "Many consumers will not only want to learn what's green, but why," notes DeCicco. Green by Design provides a deeper view into the inner workings of the Prius along with other advances in automotive technology.

"With air pollution still plaguing many parts of the country, and greenhouse gas emissions (including the emissions from burning gasoline and diesel fuel) disrupting the earth's climate, choosing greener cars is more important than ever before," remarks Steven Nadel, Executive Director of ACEEE. "ACEEE's Green Book® provides practical advice for consumers concerned about protecting the health of both their families and the planet."

ACEEE has also updated, the companion Web site to ACEEE's Green Book®. Subscribers can search the Web site's interactive database and build custom lists for comparing vehicles, as well as read feature articles and other green vehicle information. Monthly and annual subscriptions to the Web site, including updates, are available at

Paper copies of the book can be ordered for $8.95 (plus shipping and handling) directly from It is also available at bookstores. Distributors to the trade should contact Chelsea Green Publishing at 1-800-639-4099. Review copies are available to journalists covering energy, environment, and automobiles.

ACEEE's Green Book®: The Environmental Guide to Cars & Trucks — Model Year 2001 will be distributed nationwide and is available beginning February 8. Bulk sales discounts are also available. For further information, contact ACEEE Publications, 529 14th Street, N.W., Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20045, phone: 202-507-4000, fax: 202-429-2248, e-mail: