ACEEE's Tips for Gifts That Keep on Giving

December 19, 2003

Media Contact(s):

Jennifer Thorne Amann, 202-507-4015, Buildings Program Director

WASHINGTON, D.C. — 'Tis the season to remember others. As you select holiday gifts for those special people on your list, remember that energy-efficient products give back extra benefits throughout the year. And with energy prices going up as the temperatures go down in many places, this could be the best year yet to give the gift of energy efficiency. Your friends and family will save on their energy bills and we'll all enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment. With this in mind, ACEEE presents tips for holiday gifts that keep on giving!

  • Give ACEEE's Consumer Guide: Share money-saving, planet-friendly, energy efficiency ideas with your family, friends, and neighbors! Give them our affordable, information-packed book, the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, 8th edition so that everyone who owns a home or buys an appliance can benefit from hundreds of energy-saving ideas.
  • Choose ENERGY STAR® Electronics and Home Appliances: You can help your budget and also help the planet by being an energy-smart shopper. ENERGY STAR is the federal government's mark of energy efficiency. Look for the ENERGY STAR label on consumer electronics like TVs, VCRs, DVD players, compact stereos, cordless phones, and computers. Buy ENERGY STAR-labeled models of clothes washers, refrigerators, ceiling fans, furnaces, or air conditioners. ENERGY STAR-qualified products offer all the features and performance you expect, but use less energy to operate. For more information, see
  • Stuff Stockings with Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: Is your mate worried about holiday lighting running up your power bill? Give compact fluorescents (CFLs) for installation in regular light fixtures; every bulb installed will save the energy of five typical mini-light strings over the next year. The prices of these products are coming down and with new ENERGY STAR performance standards, they perform better than older models-with instant-on, no flickering, and very good color. They also last for years and save their purchase price many times over in lower electricity bills. (The ENERGY STAR label can also be found on a wide variety of lamps and light fixtures designed to use CFLs. Consider high-quality CFL fixtures as a decorative alternative to conventional lamps.)

Most of the gifts you give this season might get you a thank-you note, if you're lucky. But if you give the gift of energy efficiency, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that the energy savings will continue to generate thanks for lower energy bills. And if it could talk, your planet would thank you, too.