Tapping America's 'Coolest Fuel': ACEEE Profiles America's Exemplary Energy Efficiency Programs

February 11, 2008

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Dan York, 608-243-1123 , Utilities, State, and Local Policy Program Fellow

Washington, D.C. — Against a backdrop of soaring energy prices and ever-mounting concerns about global warming, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released a report today that profiles 90 of America’s leading energy efficiency programs. Together, these programs provide a vivid demonstration of how energy efficiency is America’s cheapest, fastest, and cleanest new energy resource. They were selected from across the U.S. as examples of highly successful and effective energy efficiency programs. The 90 programs cover 20 different categories, ranging from industrial processes to residential lighting. ACEEE selected these outstanding programs from a large set of nominations submitted in a national search.

Compendium of Champions: Chronicling Exemplary Energy Efficiency Programs from Across the U.S. summarizes ACEEE’s second national review and selection of exemplary energy efficiency programs. As with the first such review completed in 2003, ACEEE recognizes outstanding energy efficiency programs and honors the people and organizations responsible for their successes. In addition to profiles describing each honored program, the report makes a number of overall observations on the factors that make these exemplary programs stand out. 

An expert panel reviewed all of the nominations and selected the programs to be honored and profiled in the report. Programs chosen for honors were deemed to be especially noteworthy for their effectiveness and innovation in helping customers achieve greater levels of energy efficiency in their homes, businesses, and facilities. In doing so, these programs not only reduced customers’ energy costs, they also generated broader economic and environmental benefits. According to Martin Kushler, Ph.D., ACEEE’s Utilities Program Director, “These programs demonstrate the substantial value of energy efficiency to customers and clearly document the significant role that such programs play in helping reduce total utility system costs and improve the environment.” He added, “Just these selected example programs alone are achieving annual savings of over 2,400 GWh of electricity, 400 MW of peak demand, and 125 million therms of natural gas, all at a cost that is less than half the cost of new energy supplies. That’s basically enough new savings each year to avoid a major power plant, plus provide heat for over 100,000 homes, all while saving utility customers hundreds of millions of dollars.”

ACEEE publicly recognized these “exemplary programs” in an awards ceremony at the 4th National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource, held in Berkeley, California in October 2007.  The report published and released today provides brief case studies of each of the 90 programs selected.

“What is especially striking about this set of programs is their breadth and depth in providing comprehensive services to the full spectrum of energy customers,” noted Dan York, Ph.D., ACEEE’s Senior Research Associate and project director. He added, “There are highly successful programs here for all types of customers—from the smallest residential household to the largest industrial factory. Customers interested in reducing their energy costs and environmental footprints are well served by these programs, and we encourage additional states and utilities to make these types of programs available.”

Compendium of Champions: Chronicling Exemplary Energy Efficiency Programs from Across the U.S., including all the profiles, can be downloaded for free at http://www.aceee.org/research-report/u081 or purchased for $75 plus $5 postage and handling from ACEEE Publications, 529 14th Street, N.W., Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20045, phone: 202-507-4000, fax: 202-429-2248, e-mail: aceee_publications@aceee.org.

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